Living History in the Classroom: Performance and Pedagogy

Lisa L. Heuvel
Christopher Newport University, USA

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19 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
272 pages - 152 x 229mm
Whether it’s creating their own teachable moments in costume or coaching students, many educators want to use historic characters in the classroom but lack strategies and resources. The types of questions they ask are answered in Living History in the Classroom: Performance and Pedagogy by outstanding content experts with practical insights into performance, public history, and education. The conceptual framework is based on an instructional model of performance pedagogy, developed by observing outstanding historical character portrayals and analyzing them based on intent, content and action. 

Written by master teachers and professionals who collaborate nationwide with teachers and students, this work is designed to help educators use the powerful tools of storytelling and interpretation to make history and social studies “come alive” for K-12 students. The professionals who have contributed to this book understand the challenges of a classroom environment, either as teachers, guest artists, or administrators. All have real-world experience with teacher development programs in the disciplines of history and social studies along with recognized content knowledge..
Introduction: “Mr. Jefferson, Meet the Digital Natives”; Lawrence M. Paska
Chapter 1. Making History; Darci L. Tucker
Chapter 2. The Value of the Story: Where Learning Meets Understanding; Jocelyn Bell Swanson
Chapter 3. Bringing History into the Classroom; William Fetsko
Chapter 4. Traveling with a Rabbit: Finding the Hook to Engage Young Readers; Christy Howard
Chapter 5. Implementing Storytelling and Interpretation In Your Classroom; Teresa Potter 
Chapter 6. Historical Character Portrayal: Breaking It Down; Cheryl Yandell Adkisson and Ron Adkisson
Chapter 7. A Teaching Model of Character, Content, and Pedagogy; Lisa L. Heuvel
Chapter 8. Becoming Hi-Story-Cal; Sheila Dolores Arnold
Chapter 9. Building Your Character; Valarie Gray Holmes
Chapter 10. Stuff, Not Nonsense: Using Material Culture in Historical Research and Interpretation; Kathryn L. Ness Swanson
Chapter 11. Who’s in Charge? Using and Creating Media in the History Classroom; Dale G. Van Eck
Chapter 12. Making Connections; Jill Balota Cross 
Chapter 13. Postscript; Lisa L. Heuvel 

Lisa L. Heuvel is co-author of The College of William and Mary in the Civil War (2013) and editor/co-author of Interpreting Leadership: Eighteenth-Century Examples for Twenty-First Century Classrooms (2018).

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