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Literacy and Learning Vol: 23

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04 Mar 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
336 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities


Among the most commonly reported characteristics of individuals with learning and behavioral disabilities are significant and persistent problems with literacy acquisition. Applied research has revealed a number of methods for facilitating literacy learning among individuals with learning and behavioral disabilities. Included in this volume are chapters from a group of internationally-prominent authors, addressing important issues in the conceptualizing, assessing, and treating problems in literacy. These chapters include conceptual factors in reading assessment, reading comprehension, and a critique of the 'dyslexia' concept, implementation of Response to Intervention models for treatment of literacy deficits, applications for individuals with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, reading instruction in the content areas, strategy instruction, and reading instruction for English learners with learning disabilities. In addition, current research in writing for students with learning and behavioral disabilities is described, including chapters on contextual factors in writing disabilities, persuasive writing for students with behavioral disabilities, writing instruction for young children with disabilities, and peer-mediated writing strategies. This volume is intended to be of interest to clinicians, teachers, researchers, graduate students, and many others interested in literacy and learning of individuals with learning and behavioral disabilities.
List of Contributors. Response to intervention: Treatment validity and implementation challenges in the primary and middle grades. The role of context in the assessment of “unresponsiveness” within responsiveness-to-intervention: The “relative slope-difference discrepancy model” (RSDDM). Literacy supports for adolescent struggling readers: taking action through comprehension instruction. Developmental dyslexia in a transparent orthography: A study of Spanish dyslexic children. Reading comprehension: Unanswered questions and reading instruction challenges. A longitudinal study of the impact of effective beginning reading instruction for English learners: literacy, language, and learning disabilities. Writing: Underutilized for young children with disabilities?. Teaching students with LD to use reading comprehension strategies. Persuading students with emotional disabilities to write: a design study. Components affecting expressive writing in typical and disabled writers. Dyslexia: a categorical falsehood without validity or utility. The study of human exceptionality: how it informs our knowledge of learning and cognition. Advances in Learning and Behavioral Disabilities. Literacy and Learning. Copyright page.

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