Lesson Study in Initial Teacher Education: Principles and Practices

Phil Wood
Bishop Grosseteste University, UK

Deborah Lynn Sorton Larssen
University of Stavanger, Norway

Nina Helgevold
University of Stavanger, Norway

Wasyl Cajkler
University of Leicester, UK

Product Details
29 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229mm
This book explores the use of lesson study within the context of initial teacher education. The lesson study process is broken down into its main components and these elements are discussed with references to the specific needs of practitioners, educators and researchers in initiating and developing lesson study in teacher education.
Lesson Study in Initial Teacher Education highlights the importance of embedding lesson study within initial teacher education programmes, including building partnerships, making time to carry out collaborative inquiries using lesson study, and frameworks for reporting on lesson study projects. Written by a group of researcher practitioners with extensive experience in developing and managing lesson study in initial teacher education programmes, this book presents a critical overview of the principles and practices at the core of developing collaborative inquiry amongst those being educated to become teachers. 
By outlining an innovative framework to support professional learning classroom-based research, this book will prove invaluable for researchers, administrators and leaders in teacher education.
Chapter 1. International changes and approaches in Initial Teacher Education; Nina Helgevold and Chris Wilkins
Chapter 2. An Introduction to lesson Study; Deborah L S Larssen 
Chapter 3. Lesson study in ITE - a family of approaches; Wasyl Cajkler and Phil Wood 
Chapter 4. Whose learning in ITE lesson study? Gaining the most from lesson study in relation to learning; Hans Erik Bugge  
Chapter 5. The role of collaborative planning - how to use joint planning as a learning process in Lesson Study; Julie Norton, Nina Helgevold and Raymond Bjuland 
Chapter 6. The role of observation in ITE lesson study; Phil Wood, Wasyl Cajkler and Arne Jakobsen 
Chapter 7. Capturing other perspectives - lesson artefacts, pupil voice, and participatory potential in ITE lesson study; Rebecca Charboneau Stuvland 
Chapter 8. Reflective practice and the lesson study process in initial teacher education; Gro Næsheim- Bjørkvik and Deborah Lynn Sorton Larssen 
Chapter 9. Student-teachers' written reports about their own learning processes from lesson study; M. Neus Álvarez, M.Laura Angelini, Inmaculada López-Lull and Chiara Tasso 
Chapter 10. Tools for helping student-teachers learning the complex work of teaching in Lesson Study cycles; Janne Fauskanger and Raymond Bjuland 
Chapter 11. Lesson study partnerships in initial teacher education; Fay Baldry and Colin Foster 
Chapter 12. The Thorny Issue of Time; Phil Wood 
Chapter 13. Normalization Process Theory in ITE Lesson Study; Phil Wood and Wasyl Cajkler 
Chapter 14. The wider perspective on lesson study - developing a holistic view of practitioner development through pedagogic literacy; Wasyl Cajkler and Phil Wood
Phil Wood is Reader in Education at Bishop Grosseteste University, UK where he is the programme leader for doctoral studies. His research focuses on pedagogic and organisational change using complexity theory, process and time.  
Deborah Larssen is Reader at the University of Stavanger, Norway where she works primarily with students studying English as a foreign language as part of their MA in Initial teacher education. 
Nina Helgevold is Professor at the University of Stavanger, Norway where she teaches various courses related to pedagogy on bachelor, master and PhD level. Her research focuses on teacher education and teachers' professional development.  
Wasyl Cajkler is a Professor of Education, at the University of Leicester, UK. His research interests include lesson study, grammar in the teacher education curriculum and second language learning.

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