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Leisure Migration: A Sociological Study on Tourism Vol: 2

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22 Nov 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
248 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Tourism Social Science Series


The book opens with an account of recent developments in the economic, political and cultural sociology of international tourism and goes on to analyse the relationships between international tourism and the broad economic determinants of the world system. The book aims to understand "leisure migration" in two principal contexts: the socio-economic hierarchies of society, and the legacy of east-west political alliances. This novel theoretical synthesis combines data at the global, continental, and regional levels of tourism, focusing particularly on Austria and Hungary - one of the most exciting areas of Europe - where the social, political, cultural and economic boundaries of the emerging European integration are being contested and redrawn today. In adopting an eclectic research strategy, including historical narrative, content analysis, linguistic history, statistical modelling, and fieldwork observation, the book breaks new ground with regard to the empirical material it covers, and is a timely and relevant contribution to the advancement of this debate.
Leisure migration. Travel-capitalism: the structure of Europe and the advent of the tourist. Comparative tourism-growth: Austria and Hungary, 1870-1988. Reconstruction and transformation from without: Austria's and Hungary's external linkages after World War II. Effects of large structures on flows of foreign tourists: Austria and Hungary as destinations, 1960-1984. Monies, policies and representations: the splitting of international leisure migration in Hungary. Informality and tourism receipts in comparative perspective. The Hungarian 'shopping spree' in Vienna: the underside of Austro-Hungarian tourism. Capitalism, state socialism, and leisure migration.

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