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Legitimacy Processes in Organizations Vol: 22

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27 Apr 2004
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
280 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
The purpose of this volume is to produce a collection of articles by leading social psychologists and organizational scholars that focus on legitimacy processes in organizations. Over the last two decades in social psychology within sociology, scholars have developed legitimacy theories that strive to show how legitimacy processes merge into structures. Also, in organizational research, issues of legitimacy processes are of central concern - for example, in neoinstitutional theory. Therefore, it is worthwhile to devote a volume that will address specifically how these legitimacy processes operate in organizations. This collection of papers will accomplish two goals. First, the contributors will have an opportunity to discuss how legitimacy processes contribute to our understanding of how organizations are structured and how they work. In addition, by examining legitimacy processes, the contributors will be able to explore the micro/macro implications of these processes. Second, this volume should stimulate more discussion between social psychologists and organizational researchers on issues of legitimacy and future directions for understanding legitimacy processes.
Legitimacy Processes In Organizations; Institutional Effects On The Stability Of Organizational Authority; Democracy In A Bureaucracy: The Legitimacy Paradox Of Teamwork In Organizations; Sources Of Legitimation And Their Effects On Group Routines: A Theoretical Analysis; Micro-Translation Of Cultural Capital: The Case Of An Ukranian Business Firm; When Good Names Go Bad: Symbolic Illegitimacy In Organizations; Between Isomorphism And Market Partitioning: How Organizational Competencies And Resources Foster Cultural And Sociopolitical Legitimacy, And Promote Organizational Survival; Linking Legitimacy And Procedural Justice: Expanding On Justice Processes In Organizations; Beyond Power And Domination: Legitimacy And Formal Organizations.

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