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Leaving Religion and Religious Life: Patterns and Dynamics: Patterns and Dynamics Vol: 7

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16 Feb 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
228 pages - 150 x 230 x 23mm
Religion and the Social Order


The internationally renowned group of contributors to this volume focus on the patterns and processes connected with leaving religion. The papers range from theoretical analyses of the dynamics underlying religious exiting to case studies examining specific instances of distancing from and departing from a religious lifestyle. "Leaving Religion and Religious Life" provides a much-needed investigation of the problem and its effect on formal religious institutions as well as the individuals who elect to dramatically alter their religious way of life.
Preface. Introduction. Leaving religions: an inventory of some elementary concepts (J. Simpson). Falling from the new faiths: toward an integrated model of religious affiliation/disaffiliation (D. Bromley). Organized humanism in Canada: an expression of secular reaffiliation (J. McTaggart). Defection, disengagement and dissent: the dynamics of religious change in the United States (W.C. Roof, S. Landres). Patterns of religious separation and adherence in contemporary Australia (T. Lovat). Atheism, religion, and indifference in the two parts of Germany: before and after 1989 (J. Henkys, F. Schweitzer). Leaving the distant church: the Danish experience (H. Iverson). The changing face of the British churches: 1975-1995 (L.J. Francis). Culture-specific factors which cause Jews in Israel to abandon religious practice (M. Bar-Lev et al.). Disaffiliation: the experience of Haredi Jews (W. Shaffir).

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