Learning Gain in Higher Education Vol: 14

Christina Hughes
University of Coventry, UK

Malcolm Tight
Lancaster University, UK

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29 Jan 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
International Perspectives on Higher Education Research
As students are bearing an increasing proportion of the costs of their participation in higher education, increasing attention has been paid nationally and internationally to the issue of what higher education does for its students. What do students gain from engaging in higher education, and how might this be accurately measured? 

This volume explores the latest thinking, research and practice on this topic from across the globe. Acknowledging that institutions of higher education, along with national governments and international organizations, are closely concerned with the answers to these questions, the authors demonstrate how it is critically important to be able to demonstrate convincingly and transparently how students have progressed, and what measurable skills and knowledge they have acquired.
Chapter 1. Existing Research on Learning Gain in Higher Education; Malcolm Tight
Chapter 2. A Critical Review of Learning Gains Methods and Approaches; Jekaterina Rogaten and Bart Rienties
Chapter 3. Assessment of Student Learning Progress in Higher Education: Methodological Approaches and Results; Olga Zlatkin-Troitschanskaia and Miriam Toepper
Chapter 4. Value Added in Higher Education: Brief history, Measurement, Challenges and Future Direction; Katrina Crotts Roohr, Margarita Olivera-Aguilar and Ou Lydia Liu
Chapter 5. Evaluating LEGACY: Methodologies for Measuring Learning Gain; Christina Hughes and Heike Behle
Chapter 6. The Changing Role of Higher Education: From Social/societal Aspect to Employability Gains; Shweta Mishra and Edith Braun
Chapter 7. Evaluating Learning Gain as a Measure of Quality; Camille Kandiko Howson
Chapter 8. Higher Education for Sustainable Development: Learning Gains or Learning Losses: Kerry Shephard
Chapter 9. Pursuing Learning Gain in Australian Universities; Darrell Evans
Chapter 10. Measurement of Student Learning Outcomes: Minerva Schools at Keck Graduate Institute: A Case Study; Robin Goldberg and Vicki Chandler
Christina Hughes is Visiting Professor at the University of Coventry, UK. Her research focuses on feminist and gender issues, and has covered areas such as stepfamily life, educational experiences and progression in employment lives. 

Malcolm Tight is Professor of Higher Education at Lancaster University, UK. His current research is focused on the development of the field of higher education research internationally.

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