Leading with Presence: Fundamental Tools and Insights for Impactful, Engaging Leadership

Antonie T. Knoppers
D&A Trainings, The Netherlands

Milly Obdeijn
Leven is Bewegen, The Netherlands

Steffen R. Giessner
Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Product Details
01 Mar 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
328 pages - 152 x 229mm
In our communication, there are three 'elements' used to express a message: verbal content, body language, and the voice. When these elements are not congruent, we often will believe the body language and the voice. For this reason, non-verbal elements are particularly important for communicating feelings and attitudes and in engaging others; in any type of leadership role these aspects are vital in order to be an effective leader.

Leading with Presence provides a practical guide as to how and why Presence in everyday interaction is a vital component of impactful leadership. This book explores and teaches about non-verbal communication such as posture, gestures, and the voice to create more awareness and understanding of the signals sent, and explains how to be present and 'in the moment,' how to connect with others, to 'read the room,' to motivate and inspire, to instill trust, to exude confidence and thus strengthen your leadership.

Through theory, practical tools and exercises, this book is essential reading for all business professionals in understanding the science behind body language, and exploring, practicing and understanding Leadership Presence.
Chapter 1. Setting the Stage 
Chapter 2. Understanding Presence as a Body-Mind Connection 
Chapter 3. Emotional Intelligence And Authenticity 
Chapter 4. The Toolbox 
Chapter 5. The Voice 
Chapter 6. Expressiveness 
Chapter 7. Practicing Presence 
Chapter 8. Conclusion
Antonie T. Knoppers is a trainer, coach, facilitator, guest speaker and actor. He is an adjunct faculty member at the Rotterdam School of Management and a guest faculty member at Nyenrode University and the University of Maastricht.

Milly Obdeijn is a trainer and coach with a performance and teaching background in dance. She is an adjunct faculty member at the Rotterdam School of Management.

Steffen R. Giessner is Professor of Organisational Behaviour and Change at the Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University.
Executive presence; we recognize it instantly the moment we are confronted with it... the authors finally succeeded in demystifying the notion of 'presence' and nonverbal behaviour in leadership by establishing a unique connection between vast scientific knowledge and practical tools that will enable leaders to further increase their impact... - Ronald de Jong, Distinguished Professor of Practice in Business, Tilburg University, Chairman Philips Foundation, Retired Member Executive Committee, Royal Philips

In this book a triple synergy comes together; science, experience, and practical applicability, like in the training at RSM and several of their trainings. It is inspiring and reflects where you are. Provides valuable insights and is useful regardless your level of professional experience. - Kirsten van Benthem, Commerial Manager, Catalyze – Life Science Consultancy

Effective communication is key for successful leadership. Yet respective books and seminars tend to only focus on verbal communication, while reducing non-verbal communication to a side-note. This book is therefore a breath of fresh air. It takes non-verbal communication center-stage by marrying science with practice and presenting concrete exercises and how-to-dos. An accessible read that makes it easy to get better at what matters most as a leader: effective communication. - Professor Dr. Niels Van Quaquebeke, Kühne Logistics University & University of Exeter

Leading with Presence is an invaluable guide for anyone who seeks to ensure that their body and voice contribute to their positive impact. Antonie, Milly and Steffen’s collaboration have resulted in a treasure trove of principles, stories and exercises underpinned by thorough scientific evidence that will make you think about and enhance your non-verbal cues in a whole new way. - Nicola Kleyn, Professor of Corporate Marketing and Dean of Executive Education at Rotterdam School of Management

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