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Leading Small and Mid-Sized Urban School Districts Vol: 22

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02 Apr 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229 x 28mm
Advances in Educational Administration
The majority of the research in the US public education system has been conducted in large urban areas that do not reflect the majority of urban systems. The categorization of the size of districts does not capture the organizational diversity and complexity of school systems, including at-risk students and other demographic variables. The implications are that policy, preparation, research and funding are adversely skewed by an overrepresentation of research in urban districts that do not reflect the majority. This edited collection explores the ways in which small to mid-sized school districts influence leadership preparation, leadership practice, and accountability and assessment. With contributions from respected specialists, the volume addresses topics such as coaching, poverty, leadership preparation programs, accountability and assessment, English Language Learners, district leadership, and organizational learning and trust.
Large and Small Urban School Districts: Empirical Identification and Comparison Utilizing Student Population. Leadership Preparation in Small and Mid-Sized Urban School Districts. Copyright page. Leading Small and Mid-Sized Urban School Districts. Introduction. List of Contributors. Advances in Educational Administration. Leading Small and Mid-Sized Urban School Districts. About the Authors. Working Conditions and Retention of Principals in Small and Mid-Sized Urban Districts. Principals’ and Teachers’ Decision Making Power in Small, Medium, and Large School Districts. Teaching Students in Poverty in Small and Mid-Sized Urban School Districts. Leadership for English Learners. Engaging Latino Parents in the Middle: Valuing, Validating, and Building Upon What Families Already Do. Instructional Leadership for Special Education in Small to Mid-Size Urban School Districts. Prekindergarten Interventions and Instructional Leadership in Small and Mid-Sized Urban School Districts. Executive Coaching of School Leaders in a Mid-Sized Urban School District: Development of a Model of Effective Practice. Educational Leadership in Medium and Small Urban Districts Serving the New Mainstream. A Look into the Workings of Data Use in a Mid-Sized District.

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