Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Asia

Evan Berman
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Eko Prasojo
University of Indonesia, Indonesia

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06 Apr 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
312 pages - 152 x 229mm
Public Policy and Governance
Present day knowledge about public sector reforms in Asia is quite scattered and seldom focuses on the challenges of leadership. This edited collection seeks to address this issue by presenting country cases that reflect the great diversity of the region.  

Home to roughly one-third of the world’s population, Asia-Pacific governments typically play leading roles in social and economic development, yet by measures of expenditures or civil servants per capita, most are among the smaller ones in the world. These regimes include democracies, one-party states and unstable systems; there is a broad range of cultural legacies including Confucian, Buddhist, and Western, and vastly different levels of economic development; the region includes some of the very least corrupt countries and those with high corruption levels; it includes the world’s most populous country, as well as some of the smallest.  

Public sector reforms are very relevant to these countries and their leaders. In Asia, a strong government is invaluable and public sector reforms are relevant to helping modern states meet their goals and performance. This collection explores what is known about these reforms with an eye towards helping leaders responsible for reforms. Clearly, there is very large variation; some Asia-Pacific countries are leading in public sector reforms, while others are not, and this book also seeks to further our understanding what leaders might need to do to be successful.
1. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Asia: An Overview; Evan Berman  
2. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Japan; Masahiro Horie 
3. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Indonesia; Eko Prasojo and Defny Holidin  
4. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in China; Jiang Wu and Shao Jingjun 
5. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Thailand; Supachai Yavaprabhas 
6. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Vietnam; Ha Ngoc Pham  
7. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in the Philippines; Alex Brillantes and Lizan Perante Calina 
8. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Singapore; David Jones 
9. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Malaysia; LooSee Beh 
10. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in Australia; John Halligan 
11. Leadership and Public Sector Reform in New Zealand; Caroline Rennie and Evan Berman
Evan Berman is Professor of Public Management at Victoria University of Wellington, School of Government. He is recipient of the Fred Riggs Award for Lifetime Achievement in International and Comparative Public Administration from the American Society for Public Administration. He has published extensively on public administration leadership in Asia, performance, human resources, and other topics.
Eko Prasojo is Dean of Faculty of Administrative Science University of Indonesia and the Director of University Centre of Study of Governance and Administrative Reform (UI CESGAR). He is also Professor of Public Administration. He is President of the Indonesian Association of Public Administration (IAPA), Vice President Asian Association for Public Administration (AAPA) and member of Committee Expert of Public Administration, the United Nation (UN CEPA).

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