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Leadership and Innovation in Emerging Markets Vol: 7

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16 Dec 1996
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research in International Business and International Relations
As the business world becomes increasingly global, so increases the need to understand differences and similarities in work behaviour. This volume offers frameworks for analysis which will be needed to understand the dynamics of organizational behaviour in the international arena.
Part 1 Leadership issues in emerging markets: leadership behaviours in Mexico - etic philosophies - emic practices, Mary Ann Von Glinow, Ellen A. Drost; examination of transformational leadership and group processes among Caucasian and Asian-Americans - are they different? Dong I. Jug, Bruce J. Alveoli; leadership in Russian defence enterprises - the conflict between effective and expected courses of action, Lobi A. Coakley et al; an integrative framework of cognitive stereotypes in the bicultural leader/member Dyad, Paul A. Fail, Sherry Moss; antecedents and outcomes of problem-solving - a look at Canadian negotiators, Alma Mint-Wimsatt, John L. Graham. Part 2 Innovation in emerging markets: product innovation in a non-western context - bridging organizations and society, Kamal Munir; planning in subsidiaries of international organizations - organization structure, local responsiveness and global integration, David M. Brock, David C. Thomas; managing globally-distributed competence centres within multinational corporations - a resource-based view, Alexander Gerbadze, Guido Reger; beyond agency theory - the use of reciprocating relationships to predict international joint venture success, Cam McLarney, Shelley Rhyno; a future for globalization? international business organization in the next century, Chris Warhurst et al.

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