Landscapes, Edges, and Identity-Making: Narrative Examinations of Teacher Knowledge Vol: 33

Vicki Ross
Northern Arizona University, USA

Elaine Chan
University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA

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21 Oct 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 152 x 229mm
Advances in Research on Teaching
Featuring the work of Cindy L. Clarke and Derek A. Hutchinson, this volume explores experiences of narrative inquiry in order to make sense of research, identities, and the response community we have created through this process. Experts in the field bring together thinking and experiences in the current educational landscape to better understand the ways researchers have shaped and been shaped by their work. The process of collaboration on this volume has provided a deeper understanding of some of the ways in which narrative inquirers are able to establish and sustain relationships over time and distance. Narrative inquiry is inherently relational and this book deepens understanding regarding the ways in which academics working together enables, enhances, and animates individual research. The methodological approaches used are rooted in this relational ontology. Artistic methods that engage metaphor such as poetry and story are utilized in order to attend to the complexities of lives and the nuances of experience.  
Through this unique approach, this volume addresses the benefits of Researchers emphasizing relationships in their work and will prove an invaluable contribution for researchers and leaders in the field of Education and Teaching.
Chapter 1. Multiple perspectives of the muskeg: The critical role of landscape in shaping teacher knowledge;  Elaine Chan and Vicki Ross 
Chapter 2. Attending to the Unfolding-ness: exploring the complexities of curriculum making in teacher education; Derek Hutchinson & Cynthia Clarke  
Chapter 3. Coming Alongside During the Dissertation Process: Living, Telling, Reliving, Retelling a Story of Being and Becoming a Narrative Inquirer; M. Shaun Murphy 
Chapter 4. Writing the Borderlands: Poetic Expression and Narrative Inquiry as Methodology: Inhabiting the Space Between Narrative Inquiry and Poetic Expression; Cynthia Clarke 
Chapter 5. Making Meaning of Meaning Making: Understanding Experience Through Story; Derek Hutchinson
Chapter 6. Beyond the Edges: Crossing the Boundaries of Identity Within Autobiographical Beginnings; Cynthia Clarke 
Chapter 7. Lived Identity: Interrupting Identity Categories through Stories of Curriculum Making; Derek Hutchinson 
Chapter 8. Speaking from the Borderlands: Reframing the Edges of Community; Cynthia Clarke 
Chapter 9. Representing Lives: Narrative as a Language for Experience; Derek Hutchinson 
Chapter 10. Meeting in the Borderlands: Vulnerability and Sustaining Relational Research; Cynthia Clarke and Derek Hutchinson 
Chapter 11. What Comes Next: Forward Looking Stories of Research-as-Experience; Cynthia Clarke and Derek Hutchinson
Vicki Ross is Associate Professor, Northern Arizona University, USA, and coordinates the Curriculum and Instruction Program and is Chair-elect of the Narrative and Research Special Interest Group of AERA. Her interests include teacher knowledge, development, and identity, curriculum studies, and narrative inquiry. She is a recipient of the Emerald Publishing Literati Award. 
Elaine Chan is Associate Professor of Diversity and Curriculum Studies at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, USA, and specializes in the areas of teacher knowledge, teacher education, narrative inquiry, multicultural education, student experiences of schooling.

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