Knowledge Management for Leadership and Communication: AI, Innovation and the Digital Economy

Jon-Arild Johannessen
Nord University and Kristiania University College, Denmark

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11 Mar 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
160 pages - 129 x 198mm
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With the establishment of the innovation economy, the Fourth Industrial Revolution is becoming a reality. As this occurs, new forms of leadership arise, generated by the interaction between leadership functions and neurology. 

From political leadership to organizational structure, these industrial changes will cause ripples throughout our society. It is important to get ahead of these changes, adapting to the new forms of leadership necessary, before these ripples become tidal waves. In order to do so, expert author Jon-Arild Johannessen turns to the processes that are a key part of the innovation economy, examining how value creation is changing in the new Industrial Revolution.  

In this innovative book, Johannessen asks the question: what are the key value creation processes in the innovation economy? And how do these processes affect the logic of industry and industrial societies?
Chapter 1. Moving Towards the Innovation Economy 
Chapter 2. The Cycle of Creating a Championship Culture in Organizations in the Innovation Economy (Fourth Industrial Revolution) 
Chapter 3. Brain Science and Evidence-Based Leadership 
Chapter 4. Intelligent Robots and Business Organization at the Start of the Innovation Economy 
Chapter 5. Political Leadership and Value Creation Processes in the Innovation Economy
Jon-Arild Johannessen, Ph.D., is a Professor in Leadership at Kristiania University College, Oslo, and Nord University, Norway. He has previously been a professor of Knowledge Management at the Norwegian School of Management, and a professor of Information Management at Bodø Graduate School of Business, Norway.

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