Key Success Factors of SME Internationalisation: A Cross-Country Perspective Vol: 34

Noémie Dominguez
University of Lyon, France

Ulrike Mayrhofer
University of Lyon, France

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10 Sep 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
274 pages - 152 x 229mm
International Business & Management

This collective book offers a cross-country perspective on the internationalisation of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Scholars from prestigious institutions in Europe, North America, Australia and China provide new insights on how SMEs develop and perform their international activities. Their innovative approach is particularly useful to understand the major role played by SMEs in today’s global economy.

The authors identify key factors that facilitate the international expansion of SMEs. They explain how SMEs can succeed in their development in both mature and emerging economies. Their findings are based on quantitative surveys and in-depth case-studies, and the resulting recommendations are provided to help SME managers increase the performance of their international activities.


Part I: Major drivers of SME internationalisation

A global mindset - still a prerequisite for successful SME internationalisation? Lasse Torkkeli, Niina Nummela and Sami Saarenketo 

Entrepreneurial marketing as a key driver of early and sustained internationalisation; Birgit Hagen and Antonella Zucchella

The impact of inter-firm collaborations on SME internationalisation; Pervez N. Ghauri and Ulf Elg

Entry mode strategies: Are SMEs any different? Maria Cristina Sestu, Antonio Majocchi and Alfredo D’Angelo

The high-performing SMEs in traditional manufacturing sectors: Innovation and foreign operation modes; Cristina Villar Garciá and José Pla-Barber

Part II: Key success factors of SME internationalisation in mature markets

The role of support services during the internationalisation of Finnish software SMEs; Olli Kuivalainen, Jani Lindqvist, Mika Ruokonen and Sami Saarenketo 

How can promotion agencies impact SME internationalisation? The case of the French company SLAT; Noémie Dominquez and Ulrike Mayrhofer

Internationalisation strategies and processes of the German Mittelstand; Stefan Schmid

Market entry strategies, innovation and performance of SMEs in the service sector; Katharina Maria Hofer and Alexandra Baba

Part III: Key success factors of SME internationalisation in emerging markets

Québec SME risk management and exports to Asian countries; Josée St-Pierre, Richard LaCoursiere and Sophie Veilleux

Succeeding in the Chinese market: The case of the French company Mixel Agitators; Noémie Dominquez and Ulrike Mayrhofer 

Strategies for internationalisation: How Chinese SMEs deal with distance and market entry speed; Christiane Prangeand Youzhen Zhao

Motivations to internationalise: Evidence from Brazilian shoe firms; Luisa Campos, Catherine Axinn, Susan Freeman and Gabriele Suder 


Noémie Dominguez is Associate Professor of Business Administration at iaelyon School of Management, University of Lyon. She is directing a Master’s degree in “International Business Realities”. Her research interests include exports, networks, strategies and decision-making in the internationalisation process of SMEs – notably in the context of emerging countries. She has published her research in several academic journals, including the International Business Review, Journal of International Entrepreneurship, M@n@gement, Management International and Revue Internationale PME, among others.

Ulrike Mayrhofer is a Professor of International Business at iaelyon School of Management, University of Lyon, where she is the Vice-Dean for Corporate Relations, the Academic Director of the International MBA, and the Head of the International Business Team at the Magellan Research Center. Her research focuses on internationalisation strategies and is published in books and journals such as the European Management Journal, European Management Review, International Business Review, International Studies of Management and Organization, Journal of International Marketing, and Thunderbird International Business Review.

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