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Jobs, Training, and Worker Well-Being Vol: 30

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30 Apr 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 152 x 229 x 33mm
Research in Labor Economics


This volume contains twelve cutting edge papers contributing new research to important issues concerning worker welfare. The research deals with earnings inequality, discrimination, the effects of migration, and economic policy. Answers to a number of policy related questions are given including: Why are jobs designed the way they are? Does seniority-based pay provide a sufficient motivation for workers? Do sex-segregated firms grow more quickly than firms more equally divided by gender? What policies are effective in combating discrimination? Why is relative rural-urban income inequality so much greater in China than the US? How does migrating from one region to another affect one's child's schooling decisions? Do higher migration levels affect native worker wages?
List of Contributors. Preface. On the link between investment in on-the-job training and earnings dispersion: the case of France. Employee training and wage dispersion: white- and blue-collar workers in Britain. Income inequality, income mobility, and social welfare for urban and rural households of China and the United States. Why are jobs designed the way they are?. Is seniority-based pay used as a motivational device? Evidence from plant-level data. The promotion dynamics of American executives. Self-selection models for public and private sector job satisfaction. The survival and growth of establishments: does gender segregation matter?. Futile and effective ways to combat wage discrimination. Patterns of nominal and real wage rigidity. Research in Labor Economics. JobS, Training and Worker Well-being. Copyright page.

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