Jack Katz: Seduction, the Street and Emotion

David Polizzi
Indiana State University, USA

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24 Jun 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
120 pages - 152 x 229mm
This book is a timely re-introduction to the work and life of one of criminology’s most respected theorists, Jack Katz, exploring the current relevance of this important author and highlighting his work to a broad audience. 

The scholarship of Jack Katz, as evidenced in his seminal Seductions of Crime and otherwise, has over the past three decades offered an alternative philosophical perspective to the study of crime and criminal behavior that is not defined by quantitative method or approach. Katz has radically altered the focus and range of contemporary criminology in a way that few if any other scholars have done and his work been foundational in the development of cultural criminology, itself now a high-profile alternative criminological perspective.  

Through a diverse range of chapters from recognized authors in the field – including a major new interview with Jack Katz himself, in which he describes the development of his ideas, work, and growth as a researcher – contributions take up aspects of his work from a variety of perspectives and discuss and expand its contemporary relevance to the discipline of criminology. 

This book will appeal to postgraduate students and scholars in the areas of criminology, cultural criminology, critical criminology, phenomenology, and sociology.
Chapter 1. Introduction; David Polizzi 
Chapter 2. Start Here: An Informal Conversation with Jack Katz; Keith Hayward and Jack Katz
Chapter 3. “It is the Sensual, Stupid”: Katz and the Futures of Criminology; Anna King and Shadd Maruna 
Chapter 4. The Negative Character of Killing in Narratives of Soldiers and Police; Katherine Baggaley and Philip Shon
Chapter 5. Righteous Slaughter and the Phenomenology of the Assailed Self; David Polizzi 
Chapter 6. Doomed Antiheroes: Intimate Killers and Home-Grown Jihadis; Paul Kaplan
Chapter 7. “There’s a Chance for Adventure...”: Exploring Excitement as an Existential Attraction of Violent Extremism; Suraj Lakhani and James Hardie-Bick

David Polizzi is Professor in the School of Criminology and Security Studies at Indiana State University and Editor of the Journal of Theoretical and Philosophical Criminology. He is the author of Solitary Confinement: Lived Experience & Ethical Implications (2017), The Philosophy of the Social Construction of Crime (2016), and numerous journal articles and book chapters. He is currently working on a manuscript focused on the phenomenology of terrorism.

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