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Issues in Educational Research

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28 Apr 1999
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
322 pages - 171 x 248 x 22mm


"Issues in Educational Research" presents an overview of the many controversial questions arising today in educational research, that depend on the nature of the problem and the extent to which research has previously been undertaken in an area. These issues are addressed by different scholars, each from their own particular orientation. They are presented in juxtaposition so that researchers, teachers, policy makers, administrators and students can examine the different views being advanced and discuss their meaning with respect to different situations. The volume is divided into three sections: an introduction to the field; diverse approaches; and finally the key issues facing educational research today, worldwide. The editors argue the case for a unified view of the field of educational research.
Preface (J.P. Keeves, G. Lakomski). Introduction. Overview of issues in educational research (J.P. Keeves). History of educational research (G. de Landsheere). Research paradigms in education (T. Husen). Research in education: epistemological issues (J.C. Walker, C.W. Evers). Teachers as researchers (S. Hollingsworth). Policy-oriented research (J.D. Nisbet). The Range of Approaches. Scientific methods in educational research (A. Kaplan). Biographical research methods (N.K. Denzin). Case study methods (A. Sturman). Ethnographic research methods (R. Taft). Historical methods in educational research (C.F. Kaestle). Narrative enquiry (F.M. Connelly, D.J. Clandinin). Naturalistic and rationalistic enquiry (E.G. Guba, Y.S. Lincoln). Action research (S. Kemmis). Critical discourse analysis (A. Luke). Critical theory and education (G. Lakomski). Hermeneutics (P.-J. Odman, D. Kerdeman). Issues. Research in education: nature, needs and priorities (J.P. Keeves, P.A. McKenzie). Equality of educational opportunity: philosophical issues (K.R. Howe). Feminist research methodology (B.D. Haig). Measurement in educational research (J.P. Keeves). Postmodernism (J. Marshall, M. Peters). Positivism, antipositivism and empiricism (D.C. Phillips). Phenomenology and existentialism (R. Small). From foundations to coherence in educational research (C.W. Evers). Symbol processing, situated action, and social cognition: implications for educational research and methodology (G. Lakomski). Name index. Subject index.

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