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Issues, Practices, and Concerns in Special Education Vol: 11

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23 Apr 1998
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
298 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Advances in Special Education


This series is aimed at graduate students in special education, educational psychology, and developmental and clinical psychology. Various contributors discuss basic theoretical positions and empirical findings within various professions which provide the foundation for research and clinical/educational applications to exceptional children. Included are chapters covering aspects of cognition, perception, language, memory, attention, motivation and socialization, as well as chapters dealing with behaviourist, psychodynamic, piagetian and cross-cultural approaches to understanding a typical development. Taken as a whole, this series identifies the important substantive constructs and concepts which provide the underpinnings for applied practice and research in special education and related fields.
National educational reform: general and special education (F. Litton, J. Fiddler). Linguistically appropriate special education (H. Grossman). Portfolio assessment: an individualized approach for general and special educators (T. Benson et al.). Classroom disruption: educational theory as applied to perception and action in regular and special education (B.F. Zimmerman). Community counseling for adults with mental disabilities: ADAPPT (S. Burkhardt). Curriculum and teacher's attitudes: the impact of the change process in special education (S.M. Trzcinka). The effectiveness of facilitative communications on specific populations with impaired communicative skills: myth or miracle (C.M. Kernwin). HIV/AIDS education and prevention for individuals with exceptionalities (C.J. Dacko). Emotional first-aids for exceptional learners (F.E. Obiakor et al.). Fragile X syndrome: genetics, characteristics, and educational implications (G. Harris-Schmidt, D. Fast). Cognitive behavioral modification for children and young adolescents with special problems (T. Wahlberg). Assessment of dementia and depression in adults with mental retardation (K. Mitchell). Assessment and treatment implications for alcohol and substance abuse comorbid with traumatic brain injury (R.A. Stevens). Sexual abuse of persons with developmental disabilities (K. Keating).

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