Investigating Spatial Inequalities: Mobility, Housing and Employment in Scandinavia and South-East Europe

Peter Gladoić Håkansson
Malmö University, Sweden

Helena Bohman
Malmö University, Sweden, and K2 - The Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport

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29 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
248 pages - 152 x 229mm
Seen as one explanation for the election of Trump, Brexit and the surge of a right-wing movement across Europe, spatial inequality has become an increasingly relevant topic. Offering in-depth perspectives on factors such as local labour markets, housing and mobility, this book investigates centralization tendencies in Scandinavia and South East Europe that help shape regional development and act as a catalyst to creating regional inequalities. 

Joining scholars from four countries, this book provides a micro-examination of the development of regional inequalities in four geographically peripheral countries which represent different ends of the income spectrum, contain both EU and non-EU members and reflect differing levels of economic development. Divided into three sub-themes, the sections in turn discuss the topics of spatial divergence and labour market development, housing and institutional perspectives, and finally mobility, migration and commuting.
Chapter 1. Introduction: Spacial Inequalities in the Age of Rapid Technological Advances; Helena Bohman, Peter G. Håkansson, Inge Thorsen 
Section I - Spatial Divergence  
Chapter 2. Regional Inequalities in Sweden 1985-2014; Peter G. Håkansson, Magnus Andersson 
Chapter 3. Centralization and Urbanization Tendencies in Norway; Magnus Andersson, Peter G. Håkansson, Inge Thorsen 
Chapter 4. Spatial Inequality in Croatia and Serbia; Helena Bohman, Peter G. Håkansson, Danjiel Nestić, Dejan Molnar 
Chapter 5. Impact and Recovery - An Analysis of the Disintegration of Yugoslavia; Magnus Andersson, Souknilanh Keola, Mladen Stamenković 
Section II - Housing and Institutional Perspectives 
Chapter 6. Quality of Government - Scandinavia vs. South East Europe; Lana Kordić, Željko Mrnjavac, Blanka Šimundić, Predrag Bejaković 
Chapter 7. Local Initiatives for Effective Local Labour Markets; Predrag Bejaković 
Chapter 8. Housing and Transaction Costs; Peter Palm, Ola Jingryd, Lana Kordić 
Chapter 9. Residential Mobility and Housing Policy - Continuity and Change in the Swedish Housing Regime; Bo Bengtsson, Peter G. Håkansson, Peter Karpestam 
Chapter 10. Housing Policy and Labour Market in Croatia; Predrag Bejaković, Željko Mrnjavac  
Section III - Mobility 
Chapter 11. On an Equal Footing? Comparing Commuting Patterns Across Space and Gender; Helena Bohman, Maja Jandrić, Liv Ostland 
Chapter 12. A Multiple Criteria Approach To Interregional Migrations - The Case Of Serbia; Mihail Arandarenko, Salvatore Corrente, Maja Jandrić, Mladen Stamenković
Peter Gladoić Håkansson works at the Institute of Urban Research and Department of Society, Culture and Identity at Malmö University. His research is focused on labour market change from institutional and structural perspectives. He holds a PhD in Economic History. 

Helena Bohman works at the Institute of Urban Research and Department of Urban Studies, Malmö University and K2 - The Swedish Knowledge Centre for Public Transport. Her current research focuses on the effects of investments in infrastructure with a specific interest in distributional aspects. She holds a PhD in Economics.

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