Intersections of Financial Literacy, Citizenship, and Spirituality: Examining a Forbidden Frontier of Social Education

Thomas A. Lucey
Illinois State University, USA

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24 Oct 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
184 pages - 129 x 198mm
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Conversations about social education curricula largely neglect elements of spirituality and consciousness. This omission undermines the quality of the learning that occurs. This book presents spirituality as a legitimate basis for reframing these social decision-making by examining how revisiting notions of spirituality may redefine patterns of social relationships and financial choices.
This work presents an interpretation of spirituality that offers the foundation for an alternative ideology to capitalist practices founded on principles of merit and blame. By acknowledging a spiritual sense of being, citizens may gain a renewed sense of personal responsibility toward community and social justice.
The work draws from a fate-based ideology, which claims that individual and group choices originate from conditions outside their control. It describes art-based instructional processes that may stimulate students' affective awareness. It encourages facilitation of compassionate environments founded on principles of selflessness and provides a basis for conversation about the nature of social education and its foundations.
This book represents an invaluable resource for researchers, leaders and practitioners in the field of social education.
Chapter 1. The Importance of Separating from Ourselves: An Argument for a Spiritual Element of Social Education in an Era of Scientific-Based Standards  
Chapter 2. Defining the Financially Literate Citizen: Personally Responsible, Participatory, and Justice-Oriented Considerations 
Chapter 3. Dangling by a String: Fate, Choice, and Financial Literacy 
Chapter 4. Capitalizing on a Compassionate Sense of Identity: A Spiritual Reframing of Financial Literacy and Worth 
Chapter 5. Reframing Enlightenment: Reinterpreting Social Relationships and Notions of Citizenship 
Chapter 6. A Spirited Approach to Teaching Financial Literacy through the Arts 
Chapter 7. The Flesh of the Spirit: Implications for Social Education
Dr. Thomas A. Lucey is a Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning at Illinois State University.
An original contribution to knowledge by reframing social education through examining and aligning financial literacy, citizenship and spirituality. - Dr Levon Blue, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

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