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International Teacher Education: Promising Pedagogies Vol: 22, Part A

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02 Dec 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
300 pages - 152 x 229 x 41mm
Advances in Research on Teaching
To this point in time, teacher education has been approached in mostly insular ways because it is largely driven by state and national education policies. However, the spread of the global economy and the increased stature of international comparison tests (i.e., TIMSS) has changed all that. All countries in the world understand that education is vital to human and economic prosperity and that teacher education unavoidably is implicated. But the snag is this: political forces shaping public opinion in individual nations (particularly the U.S.) are deeply divided concerning how teacher education should proceed. This book acknowledges this Achilles heel tension, but does not become weighed down by it. Instead, it focuses on 'the practical' (Schwab, 1969), matters that have been locally deliberated and enacted. Pedagogies are named, origins (cultural/practical/theoretical/policy roots) are traced and a live example of the pedagogy unfurling in the local setting is presented from an insider-view. After that, the conditions necessary for the pedagogy to be transported successfully to another international location are discussed.
Collaborative Mentoring Pedagogy in Initial Teacher Education: Lessons from a Scottish Context. Pedagogies of Teacher Selection: A South Korean Case. Pedagogies of Teacher Preparation: The Case of Mathematics Enhancement Courses in England. One Teacher Educator’s Career-Long Development of a Pedagogy of Reflection. Promoting Core Reflection in Teacher Education: Deepening Professional Growth. Reflection and Work Context in Teacher Learning: Two Case Studies from Iceland. Pedagogies of Reflection: Dialogical Professional-Development Schools in Israel. Self-Study of Teacher Education Practices as a Pedagogy for Teacher Educator Professional Development. Narrative Pedagogies for Peer Groups. Dispersed Narratives and Powerful Teacher Education Pedagogy. The Narrative as the Practical and the Practice: Toward the Preparation of Teachers. Narrative Teacher Education Pedagogies from across the Pacific. Literacy Narratives for 21st Century Curriculum Making: The 3Rs to Excavate Diverse Issues in Education. Pedagogies of Developing Teacher Identity. Narrative-Biographical Pedagogies in Teacher Education. Pedagogies of Developing Teacher Identity. Pedagogies of Developing Teacher Identity. Teacher Researcher: An Epistemic Pedagogy for Reconstructing Teacher Professional Identity in Iran. Developing Teacher Identity in Preservice Education: Experiences and Practices from Portugal. Mentoring and Mediating the Interface of Multiple Knowledges in Learning to Teach Challenging Content. Using Action Research to Foster Preservice Teachers’ Reflection on Themselves as Learners: Examining Beliefs and Changing Practices. International Teacher Education: Promising Pedagogies Concluding Chapter. International Teacher Education: Promising Pedagogies (Part A). List of Contributors. International Teacher Education: Promising Pedagogies (Part A). International Teacher Education: Promising Pedagogies Introduction. Biographies of the Editors and the Authors. Copyright page. Advances in Research on Teaching.

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