International Perspectives on the Role of Technology in Humanizing Higher Education Vol: 33

Enakshi Sengupta
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

Patrick Blessinger
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

Mandla Makhanya
University of South Africa, South Africa

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12 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
176 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
The debate around how to maximize the use of technology in education is ongoing, and embedded in the argument that successful inculcation of knowledge cannot happen only by improving the curriculum. But what role does technology play in humanizing higher education? How can it facilitate the kind of all-round development, beyond the classroom, which allows students to create a positive impact on social welfare and community wellbeing? 

The authors of this volume address the humaneness that surrounds the world of technology in education. By highlighting the use of emerging technologies in pedagogy and drawing on real-life case studies, they address the ongoing debate that technology brings a positive effect on education and beyond. More important than ever as mankind faces unprecedented challenges to classroom-based education, and the demand for technology grows, the authors demonstrate how technology continues to fulfil the challenges of creating a more democratic educational environment.
Chapter 1. Socially Present? The Perception Of Humanness Online Through Video; Alex Rockey, Lorna Gonzalez, Megan Eberhardt-Alstot and Margaret Merrill
Chapter 2. The Role Of The Teacher And AI In Education; Cathrine V. Felix
Chapter 3. The Role Of The Teacher And AI In Education: The Possibilty Of An Optimistic Learning Approach In The Technologically Enabled University; David Edward Rose
Chapter 4. The Science And Technology Of Educational Interconnectedness; Jeff D. Borden
Chapter 5. Enhancing The Role Of The Hellenic Open University As A Lifelong Learning Organization: Crossing The Rubicon Into The E-Learning Era; Eugenia Panitsides And Afroditi Karapistola
Chapter 6. Humanizing User Experience Design Strategies with New Technologies: AR, VR, MR, Zoom, Ally and AI to Support Student Engagement and Retention in Higher Education; Mercedes M. Fisher and Derek E. Baird
Chapter 7. Humanization Of English Language Teaching Through Computer-Assisted Language Learning In Turkish Tertiary Level English As A Foreign Language Classes; Serpil Meri-Yilan
Enakshi Sengupta serves as Associate Director of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA. 

Patrick Blessinger is Chief Research Scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA. 

Mandla Makhanya is the Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of South Africa.
'While providing perspectives from around the world, this highly useful text more specifically presents a holistic understanding of how technology facilitates the kind of human-centered learning teachers, administrators, and students need and deserve. Founded on classroom-based experiences, the authors take an in-depth view of emerging technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and various forms of virtual reality in addition to more commonly incorporated design practices such as video-based conferencing, make those technologies and corresponding practices understandable, and present ways of both critically engaging with and humanizing those technologies and practices. Though most directly related to higher education, the content presented is highly applicable in primary, secondary, and two-year college contexts as well, which is especially important in this time of remote learning now ushered in by pandemic realities.' - Galen Leonhardy, Professor of English, Black Hawk College, USA

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