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International Perspectives on Supporting and Engaging Online Learners Vol: 39

Jaimie Hoffman
Noodle Partners, USA

Patrick Blessinger
International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

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11 Jun 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
260 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated growth in online education across the world. While the online classroom experience has been written about extensively, the outside of class experience and student services for those learning remotely has received little attention. This book provides College and university personnel with research, theoretical foundations, and best practice to support and engage online learners.

In this edited collection, authors from across the globe present case studies in various contexts including a large state university system, a growing public master’s degree, two private institutions, and a Scottish institution. Various theoretical constructs are provided to help inform practices for supporting online students including Wenger’s ‘communities of practice’, Garrison’s ‘communities of inquiry’, and the Dynamic Student Development Metatheodel. Understanding that all students encounter different challenges, the volume also covers the different needs of specific student populations throughout their online experiences and concludes with a discussion about the importance of inclusion for students with disabilities. 
Chapter 1. Introduction to supporting and engaging online learners; Rachel Scott and Jaimie Hoffman 
Chapter 2. Transforming the practice of student affairs professionals: creating an ecosystem of support that is inclusive of online learners; Jaimie Hoffman and Autumn Willinger
Chapter 3. Reshaping the online student experience; Molly A. Mott, Kristyn Muller, and Michele Forte 
Chapter 4. Beyond instruction: scaling support for a large online master’s program; David Joyner 
Chapter 5. Connecting with online learners: case studies from a Scottish university; Lorraine Syme-Smith, Louise Campbell, and Lynn Boyle 
Chapter 6. Facilitating co-curricular connections among millennial and generation Z students in digital environments; Shelly Price Williams and Pietro A. Sasso 
Chapter 7. Promoting student engagement with data-driven practices; Jeremy Anderson, Heather Bushey, Maura Devlin, and Amanda J. Gould 
Chapter 8. One university: an interdepartmental collaboration model to enhance online student engagement; Roland Nuñez 
Chapter 9. Engaging students in asynchronous advising using the dynamic student development metatheodel: towards a critical approach; Pietro A. Sasso and Tyler Phelp 
Chapter 10. Engaging with online graduate students through writing support and employment; Jessica J. Jones
Chapter 11. Student transitions: academic support for postgraduate online distance students; Louise Connelly
Chapter 12. Supporting online students in professional doctoral programs; Melora Sundt and Leslie Wheaton
Chapter 13. Medical vs. social models of disability: increasing inclusion and participation of students in online and blended learning in higher education; Nathan Whitley-Grassi, Bryan J. Whitley-Grassi, Shaun C. Hoppel, and Melissa Zgliczynski
Jaimie Hoffman is the Vice President for Student Affairs with Noodle Partners and Associate Lecturer at University of Wisconsin Lacrosse, USA.

Patrick Blessinger is the Chief Research Scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA.

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