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International Marketing in the Fast Changing World Vol: 26

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03 Nov 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Advances in International Marketing
Volume 26 of Advances in International Marketing is devoted to a set of papers that attempt to develop new knowledge or refine the existing knowledge to account for the emerging international marketing issues in a fast changing world. These include topics such as dynamic capabilities of international marketers, entrepreneurial orientation, rise of emerging markets MNCs, cultural and institutional distances, organizational learning and knowledge transfer in MNCs, and international marketing strategies in fast changing environments. Collectively, the papers in Volume 26 shed significant light on many emerging issues and form a solid foundation for future research.
Revisiting Uppsala through the Lenses of New Ventures: A Longitudinal Study of Norwegian Firms. Internationalization through E-Commerce. The Case of MultiBrand Luxury Retailers in the Fashion Industry. Internationalisation Strategies and Industry Structure. Small-Medium Sized Manufacturers’ Internationalization through Retail Store Openings Abroad: A Study of the Italian Fashion Industry. A Taxonomy of Export-Pricing Strategies and Their Performance in International Markets. Enhancing Organizational Performance of International SMEs through Inter-Firm Marketing Collaborations. Examining Causal Relationships among International Experience, Perceived Environmental Uncertainty, Market Entry Mode, and International Performance. International Marketing in Multinational Company Subsidiaries in Emerging Markets: A Multidimensional Approach. The Moderating Roles of Organizational Learning and Strategic Flexibility on Marketing Strategic Change and Business Performance: Evidence from Firms in Thailand. Impact of Acculturation, Consumer Affinity, and Inverse COO Effect on a Supplier Country’s Image from Exporting Professional Services to a Host Country: A Conceptual Framework. Perceived Quality of Asian Brands by U.S. Consumers: Case of Cosmetic Brand Using Age as a Moderator. Global Brand Attitude, Perceived Value, Consumer Affinity, and Purchase Intentions: A Multidimensional View of Consumer Behavior and Global Brands. Copyright page. International Marketing in the Fast Changing World. International Marketing in the Fast Changing World – Introduction to Volume 26. List of Contributors. Advances in international marketing. International Marketing in the Fast Changing World.

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