International Case Studies in the Management of Disasters: Natural - Manmade Calamities and Pandemics

Babu George
Fort Hays State University, USA

Qamar-ud-Din Mahar
Isra University, Pakistan

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30 Nov 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
304 pages - 152 x 229mm
Tourism Security-Safety and Post Conflict Destinations
International Case Studies in the Management of Disasters presents a diverse range of case studies on how disasters, both natural and manmade, are being managed globally. This illuminating study draws on theories, models, and frameworks in the field of disaster management to explore a wide range of complex issues in specific disaster contexts. 

Showcasing internationally sourced case studies on disaster management, the collection comprehensively explores all aspects of the disaster management cycle. Authors are drawn from a diverse range of disciplinary and practical contexts, offering a wide variety of perspectives upon management of devastating events. 

A diverse compendium of issues is explored through case studies examining the management of hurricanes, droughts, floods, wildfires, terrorist activity and pandemics. Also examined in depth are governmental and non-governmental disaster management organizations, the role of the private sector in disaster management, and how innovative new technologies are being used in disaster situations.
Introduction Babu George, Qamar-u-din Mahar
Chapter 1. Analyzing Site Security Design Principles In A Built Environment And Implications For Disaster Preparedness: The Case Of Istanbuk Sultanahmet Square, Turkey Ali Akbulut, Gökçen Firdevs and Yücel Caymaz
Chapter 2. Local Knowledge in Russian Flood-Prone Communities: A Case Study on Living with the Treacherous Waters Kseniia Puzyreva and Nikita Basov
Chapter 3.Financial Implications of Natural Disasters: A Case Study ofFloods in Pakistan Vivake Anand, Kinza Yousfani and Dr. Jianhua Zhang
Chapter 4. Micro-Case Studies on Managing Tourism Destinations in the Aftermath of Disasters Frank Haas, Jerome Agrusa and Joseph Lema
Chapter 5. Comparing the Experiences of African States in Managing Ebola Outbreaks from 2014 into 202 Peter Mameli and Darryl Bobb
Chapter 6. Kerala Nipah Virus Outbreak 2018: The need for Global Surveillance of Zoonotic Diseases Smarty P. Mukundan, Ananthi Rajayya and Zakkariya K. A.
Chapter 7. Managing Visiting Scholars Program during the COVID-19 Pandemic Miguel Cordova, Karla Maria Nava-Aguirre and Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez
Chapter 8. Managing E-commerce During A Pandemic: Lessons from GrubHub during COVID-19 Anil Yasin Ar
Chapter 9. The Role of Communications in Managing a Disaster: The Case of Covid-19 in Vietnam Lena Bucatariu
Chapter 10. Passage from the Tourist-gaze to the Wicked-gaze: A Case Study on COVID-19 with Special Reference to Argentina Maximiliano E Korstanje
Chapter 11. COVID-19 outbreak in Finland: Case study on the management of pandemics Sajal Kabirajm and Filip Lestan
Chapter 12. The COVID-19 Crisis Management in The Republic of Korea Sahrok Kim, K. Praveen Parboteeah and John B. Cullen
Chapter 14. Empowering Patients through Social Media and Implications for Crisis Management: The Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council Manoj Menon and Babu George
Chapter 15. Technology in Medicine: COVID-19 and the 'Coming of Age' of Telehealth Babu George and Lena Bucatariu
Babu George is Professor of International Business and Associate Dean in the School of Business, Christian Brothers University, Memphis, USA. He is the co-editor of The Changing Landscape of Global Businesses (2019), Strategies for Promoting Sustainable Hospitality and Tourism Services (2020), and Digital Transformation in Business and Society (2020).  

Qamaruddin Mahar is Associate Professor of Management at Isra University, Pakistan. He coordinated the Collaborative Research Program between Ball State University, USA, and Isra University, funded by the U.S Department of State (2012-2015). He also served as a book and monograph reviewer for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan during (2017-18).

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