International Business in the Information and Digital Age Vol: 13

Rob van Tulder
Erasmus University, The Netherlands

Alain Verbeke
University of Calgary, Canada

Lucia Piscitello
Politecnico di Milano, Italy

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16 Nov 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
440 pages - 152 x 229mm
Progress in International Business Research
This volume is dedicated to Lorraine Eden for her lifetime contributions to IB scholarship. Her research, spanning several decades, has addressed many interdisciplinary and societal themes at the heart of the IB field. The story of her intellectual journey -- strongly influenced by the coming of age of the fourth industrial revolution -- is shared in the opening chapter of this volume.

This thirteenth volume in the PIBR series covers an increasingly important area of research for International Business (IB) scholars: the role of multinational enterprises (MNEs) in the digital and information age. A limited number of MNEs now dominate the landscape of the digital age, but almost all internationally operating firms are being affected by prevailing trends. How to take stock of these trends? How to develop resilient international business models? How to regulate? The digital age presents new opportunities but also major challenges for established and emerging MNEs alike.

This volume brings together papers from leading IB scholars and from academics in adjacent disciplines such as economic geography, international relations and political science, strategic management, and technology studies.

Four dimensions of the information and digital age are analyzed using an IB angle:

  • Trends and theories in the information age
  • Entrepreneurial strategies in the information age
  • Functional strategies in the information age
  • Industry 4.0

Preface. A Tribute to Lorraine Eden
Chapter 1. The Fourth Industrial Revolution? Seven Lessons from the Past; Lorraine Eden 
Introduction. International Business in the Information and Digital Age: An Overview of Themes, Trends and the Contributions in this Volume; Rob van Tulder, Lucia Piscitello and Alain Verbeke 

Chapter 2. International Production and the Digital Economy; Richard Bolwijn, Bruno Casella and James Zhan 
Chapter 3. IB and Strategy Research on 'New' Information and Communication Technologies: Guidance for Future Research; Christopher Hazelhurst and Keith Brouthers 
Chapter 4. The Changing Face of International Business in the Information Age; Jakob Müllner and Igor Filatotchev 
Chapter 5. The Effects of Global Connectivity on Knowledge Complexity in the Information Age; John Cantwell and Jessica Salmon 

Chapter 6. Blockchain Ventures and International Business; Andre Laplume 
Chapter 7. Internationalization through Digitalization: The Impact of E-commerce Usage on Internationalization in Small and Medium-sized Firms; Jonas Eduardsen 
Chapter 8. Global Competitors? Mapping the Internationalization Strategies of Chinese Digital Platform Firms; Kai Jia, Martin Kenney and John Zysman 
Chapter 9. New Digital Layers of Business Relationships: Experiences from Business-to-Business Social MediaSusana Costa e Silva, Maria Elo 

Chapter 10. The Changing Structure of Talent for Innovation: On Demand Online Marketplaces; Keren Caspin-Wagner, Silvia Massini and Arie Y. Lewin 
Chapter 11. Expanding International Business via Smart Services: Insights from 'Hidden Champions' in the Machine Tool Industry; Bart Kamp
Chapter 12. Additive Manufacturing and Global Value Chains: An Empirical Investigation at the Country Level; Felippo Buonafede, Giulia Felice, Fabio Lamperti and Lucia Piscitello 

Chapter 13. Amazon and Alibaba: Internet Governance, Business Models, and Internationalization Strategies; Xinyi Wu and Gary Gereffi 
Chapter 14. Industry 4.0 Technologies and Internationalization: Insights from Italian Companies; Maria Chiarvesio and Rubina Romanello 
Chapter 15. On the Role of Clusters in Fostering the Industry 4.0; Marta Gotz and Barbara Jankowska 
Chapter 16. Internationalization of Science Parks: Experiences of Brazilian Innovation Environments; Jurema Tomelin, Mohamed Amal, Aurora Caneiro Zen  and Pierfrancesco Arrabito 
Rob van Tulder is a Professor of International Business at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), the Netherlands. He has published extensively on the topics of European business, multinationals, high-tech industries, corporate social responsibility, issues management, skills, network strategies, smaller industrial countries (welfare states) and European Community/Union policies.

Alain Verbeke is a Professor of International Business Strategy and holds the McCaig Research Chair in management at the Haskayne School of Business, University of Calgary, Canada. He is a leading thinker on  complex project evaluation and the strategic management of multinational networks, as well as the governance and restructuring of complex organizations.

Lucia Piscitello is a Professor of International Business at Politecnico di Milano, Italy. Her research interests cover the economics and management of MNEs and the international aspects of technological change. Her recent studies focus on agglomeration and MNEs' location strategies, globalization of R&D and technology development in the global network of MNEs.

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