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International Business and Sustainable Development Vol: 8

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27 Jan 2014
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
464 pages - 152 x 229 x 41mm
Progress in International Business Research


Sustainable development is one of the key challenges of our time. It has social, ecological and economic dimensions, which makes it also a multi-faceted and complex problem. International Business scholars have stressed that the Multinational Enterprise should be considered the most important vehicle through which sustainable development occurs in developing countries. However, actual study of the topic remains fraught with theoretical and empirical caveats. This eighth volume in the Progress in International Business Research series includes new texts from a number of leading scholars and opinion leaders in the area. Contributors develop new levels of analysis (in particular global value chains or the partnership strategies of firms) that present promising areas for new theoretical and empirical insights. Whilst authors from leading international institutes are brought together in this volume, younger scholars with innovative ideas also offer valuable insights.
List of Contributors. Taking stock of complexity: In search of new pathways to sustainable development. Limits to growth in the 21st century. Foreign direct investment as a driver of industrial development: Why is there so little evidence?. An internalization theory perspective on the Bottom of the Pyramid. Internalisation theory, global value chain theory and sustainability standards. Multinational enterprises and sustainability standards: Using a partnering-intensity continuum to classify their interactions. The social irresponsibility of international business: A novel conceptualization. Do multinational enterprises contribute to sustainable development by engaging in lobbying? The automotive industry and environmental regulations. Multinationals and Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs): A linkages perspective on inclusive development strategies. A retrospective on: Infrastructure or foreign direct investment?. Stakeholder dynamics as determinants of substantive versus symbolic csr practices: A macro/micro perspective. Taming a wicked problem? Unilever’s Interpretations of Corporate Social Responsibility 2000–2012. MNE and multiple embeddedness: A case study of MNE–NGO collaboration in saving the Baltic Sea. Shudder: The challenges to ‘industrial policies’ in the early 21st century in low- and middle-income economies. The clean development mechanism and technology transfer to China. The rise of enterprise regionalisation in ASEAN. Multistakeholder regulation of business: Assessing the pros and cons. International business and sustainable development. Progress in international business research. International business and sustainable development. Copyright page.

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