Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research in Global Development: A Concise Guide

Marco J. Haenssgen
University of Warwick, UK

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28 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
232 pages - 129 x 198mm
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There is no shortage of books on qualitative research methods, but none effectively equips researchers and practitioners for the interdisciplinary and increasingly complex, interconnected, and contested field of global development research. How can we choose the best method to answer our research question? How can we align disciplinary expectations of what good qualitative research is? How do we avoid pitfalls of extractive research practices amidst calls to decolonise global development? 

Interdisciplinary Qualitative Research in Global Development provides this sorely needed practical introduction, and it does so in a concise format that can easily be taken into the field. Drawing on over a decade of experience in interdisciplinary education, research, and policy-relevant work, Marco J. Haenssgen fills these chapters with examples and exercises that feature real-life material from current interdisciplinary global development research projects. In the process, he addresses the common concerns of practitioners and students and primes readers for the discussions that are likely to arise when the social and natural sciences meet. 

For its practical approach, its wealth of real-world examples, and its unique focus on interdisciplinary work, this book is a must-have for anyone who is engaging in interdisciplinary qualitative research, and especially for those doing so for the first time.
Chapter 1. Introduction  
Chapter 2. The big picture: an overview of research designs 
Chapter 3. Data collection methods 
Chapter 4. Sampling methods 
Chapter 5. Data analysis methods 
Chapter 6. Presenting and reporting qualitative research 
Chapter 7. Qualitative research issues
Chapter 8. Summary and reflections on overcoming disciplinary friction 
Appendix 1. Sample answers for the activities 
Appendix 2. Antibiotics and activity spaces: project description
Appendix 3. Samples (editable files available online) 
Appendix 4. Suggested reading and resources
Marco J. Haenssgen is Assistant Professor in Global Sustainable Development at the University of Warwick, and his interdisciplinary research has been published in leading international journals such as World Development, The Journal of Development Studies, Social Science and Medicine, and Health Policy and Planning.

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