Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Dignity and Human Rights

Hoda Mahmoudi
University of Maryland, USA

Michael L. Penn
Franklin and Marshall College, USA

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18 Nov 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
228 pages - 152 x 229mm
The concept of human dignity is essential to discourses of human rights, and to understand what it means in a rapidly changing twenty-first century world, we must answer a number of difficult questions that require input from a wide range of disciplines. How is the concept of human dignity protected, maintained, or ensured? What are the rights and responsibilities that go hand in hand with the concept of human dignity? Which beliefs, discourses, individuals, and institutions threaten its global application or block its reach across all categories of difference? How is the consciousness of human dignity developing and evolving across the globe? 

This timely collection gives urgent and sustained attention to such questions. It brings together a diverse array of field-leading contributors in order to offer an interdisciplinary investigation into this most fundamental of concepts. Weaving together reinforcing patterns, this book offers insights, questions, and recommendations that outline a discourse, research, and action agenda in pursuit of the universal application of human dignity. Contributors identify the challenges and opportunities in the realms of research, policy, education, religion, international law, social discourse, and media to define, broaden, and protect human dignity within both public and private spheres. They also address the need for reconstituting the current discourses on dignity to align them more effectively with the intellectual, moral, emotional, and spiritual nature of human beings, ultimately gesturing towards a framework for ensuring that each member of the human race will be able to realize their full human potential. 

For its rigorous interdisciplinary inquiry into this deceptively simple concept, and for its practical questions and effective solutions, Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Human Dignity and Human Rights is essential reading for researchers and students working within international relations, global studies, philosophy, peace and conflict studies, and legal studies focusing on human rights and humanitarian law.
Introduction; Hoda Mahmoudi 
Section One. Theory/Discourse 
Chapter 1. Universal Consciousness of Human Dignity; Hoda Mahmoudi 
Chapter 2. Towards a Principle of Human Dignity; Suheil Bushrui 
Chapter 3. Reframing the Concept of Human Dignity; Michael Karlberg 
Chapter 4. Promoting Human Rights and Human Dignity in an Axial Age; Michael L. Penn with Aditi Malik, Tri Nguyen, and Atilla Cidam 
Chapter 5. How Does Dignity Ground Human Rights?; Jack Donnelly 
Section Two. Practice/Action 
Chapter 6. Honor-based Violence in Pakistan and its Eradication through the Development of a Cultural and Jurisprudential Ethos of Human Dignity; Sania Anwar 
Chapter 7. (In)dignity via (Mis)representation: Politics, Power, and Documentary Film; Justin de Leon 
Chapter 8. Dignifying Education: The Emergence of Teachers as Transcultural Messengers; Barbara Finkelstein 
Chapter 9. Cultivating Human Rights and Protecting Human Dignity by Nurturing Altruism and a Life of Service: Integrating U.N. Sustainable Development Goals into School Curricula; Michael Haslip & Michael Penn
Hoda Mahmoudi has held The Bahá’í Chair for World Peace at the University of Maryland, College Park, since 2012. Professor Mahmoudi is co-editor of Structural Racism and the Roots of Prejudice and of Children and Globalization: Multidisciplinary Perspectives.  
Michael Penn is Professor of Psychology at Franklin & Marshall College. Professor Penn is author of Overcoming Violence against Women and Girls: The International Campaign to Eradicate a Worldwide Problem and Moral Trauma: An Empirical Analysis of the Problem of Akrasia, co-authored with Azin Nasseri.

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