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Interdisciplinary Approaches to Product Design, Innovation, & Branding in International Marketing Vol: 23

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05 Sep 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 25mm
Advances in International Marketing


Interdisciplinary approaches are critical to solve the interesting problems of the day. Branding, product design, and innovation are topics that have not been covered in the series so far but have been gaining attention. In all three cases, there is significant research and practitioner interest. This volume seeks to capture and synthesize the cutting-edge knowledge in the area of branding, product design, innovation, and strategic thought in international marketing. This volume was conceived from a conference held at The College of William & Mary where speakers from many fields - including business, arts, architecture, industrial design, and engineering - were invited to share their methods, findings and insights. The interdisciplinary nature of the conference and this subsequent volume serve to help us gain an appreciation for alternative perspectives while also facilitating cross-disciplinary research in these important areas.
List of Contributors. About the contributors. Introduction. Building Market-Based Assets in a Globally Competitive Market: A Longitudinal Study of Automotive Brands. Transferring Corporate Brand Image to Local Markets: Governance Decisions for Market Entry and Global Branding Strategy. The Impact of Luxury Brand-Retailer Co-Branding Strategy on Consumers’ Evaluation of Luxury Brand Image: The Case of Taiwan. How Should a Global Brand Manager Respond to an Ambiguous Product Harm Crisis?. Design in the Experience Economy: Using Emotional Design for Service Innovation. Crowdsourcing for Goodness Sake: Impact of Incentive Preference on Contribution Behavior for Social Innovation. Reestablishing Styling as a Prime Interest for the Management of Design. Leadership Development by Design. Designing Empowerment – Design Thinking for Social Impact. Improving Collaborative Concept Evaluation Using Concept Aspect Profile. Patent Rights: When Patent Protection May Either Encourage or Discourage Innovation. Modeling the Impact of Commitment–Trust on Cooperation and Performance: The Specific Case of Exporter and Intermediaries Relationships. The Value Flame at the Base of the Pyramid (VFBOP): Identifying and Creating a Valuable Market. The Movement of Meaning Across Cultures: A Conceptual Model for Understanding Cross-Cultural Consumption. Born Globals: How are they Different?. Interdisciplinary Approaches to Product Design, Innovation, & Branding in International Marketing. Advances in international marketing. Advances in international marketing. Copyright page.

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