Integrated Business Transformation: Maximizing Value by Connecting Strategy to Key Capabilities

Alberto Pérez La Rotta
Wilson Learning, USA

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10 Aug 2018
Emerald Publishing Limited
144 pages - 129 x 198mm
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Drawing upon a model developed over 25 years of experience and successfully taught for many years at his company Wilson Learning Andina y Rio de la Plata, Alberto Pérez La Rotta presents a comprehensive and replicable approach to integrated business transformation that synchronizes natural human behavior with the needs of leadership, sales, customers, and teams. Here Pérez provides a roadmap to his method as well as case studies from across Latin America and across the financial services, chemical, pharmaceutical, industrial equipment, and consumer products industries, and he demonstrates how to clarify the challenges facing an organization, define a new value proposition, and connect strategy to key capabilities rooted in an organization’s leadership, culture, sales potential, customer focus, and value chain. This allows organizations to develop and implement solutions that generate transformation and growth and measure the impact of the transformation on the organization and systems. 

Pérez clearly connects theory to practice in each of its real-world business cases, making Integrated Business Transformation of interest to researches, students, and practitioners.
Part I. Consulting Approach 
Chapter 1. Alberto Pérez La Rotta: “My Life and my Philosophy” 
Chapter 2. Integrated Business Transformation: Consulting Foundation and Approach 
Chapter 3. How Do We Do It? Our Consulting Method 
Part II. Success Stories 
Chapter 4. Integrated Business Transformation: Success Stories 
Success Story 1. Achieving Consistency in Value Delivery in the Midst of Diversity 
Success Story 2. Achieving Differentiation with a New Business Model 
Success Story 3. Creating and Recreating a Competitive Advantage through Time 
Success Story 4. Growing in a Mature Market 
Success Story 5. Reinventing the Customer Experience
Alberto Pérez La Rotta is President of Wilson Learning Latin America. For more than 25 years, in his own consulting company with offices in Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, and Brazil, Alberto has applied his Integrated Business Transformation approach. This presence has allowed him to help transforming global and local companies of different industries.
This book will effectively show you a way to support organizations with different needs; and we have witnessed firsthand the power of this consulting. … We went ahead of our time thanks to the support of this method. - Miguel Múnera - Former CEO of Roche Mexico

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