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Insurance Ethics for a More Ethical World Vol: 7

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05 Feb 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
284 pages - 156 x 234 x 17mm
Research in Ethical Issues in Organizations
This series explores the central and unique role of organizational ethics in creating and sustaining a flourishing, pluralistic, free enterprise economy. It examines how profit seeking and not-for-profit organizations can be conceived and designed to satisfy legitimate human needs in an ethical and meaningful way. The authors submit rigorous research studies from a wide variety of academic perspectives including: business management, philosophy, sociology, psychology, religion, accounting, finance, and marketing. It focuses on ethical issues in the insurance industry and includes a variety of disciplines with authors from over 30 countries. The papers were selected from the best presentations at the Twelfth Annual International Conference Promoting Business Ethics, held Oct. 2005 in Manhattan.
Chapter 1: Introduction: Insurance Ethics for a More Ethical World. Chapter 2: Spitzers Allegations of Unethical/Illegal Behavior: Has the Insurance Industrys Ethical Environment Really Changed Dramatically? Chapter 3: AIG: Accounting and Ethical Lapses. Chapter 4: Insurance Ethics, an oxymoron? Chapter 5: Responsibility Sharing (Elements of a Framework for Understanding Insurance Business Ethics). Chapter 6: Insurance, Risk Assessment and Fairness: An Ethical Analysis. Chapter 7: Reasonable Restrictions on Underwriting. Chapter 8: Health Insurance: Economic and Ethical Issues. Chapter 9: A Medical Dilemma: How Should Physicians Respond to Patients Questions About Pay? Chapter 10: An Eye for An Eye: Investigating the Impact of Consumer Perception of Corporate Unfairness on Aberrant Consumer Behavior. Chapter 11: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of the Ethical Environments of the U.S. and South Korean Life Insurance Markets. Chapter 12: At the Movies with the Health Insurance Industry: Ethical & Environmental Issues. Chapter 13: Walker Percy: A Prophet fro Profit-Makers. Chapter 14: Workplace Romances: A Platonic Perspective.

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