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Institutions and Ideology Vol: 27

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01 Sep 2009
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 152 x 229 x 30mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
This volume contributes to the literature on the sociology of organizations and management, especially to sociological institutionalism, by attempting to fill an important gap in institutional research. Our starting point is the conviction that organizational institutionalims is the conceptual and empirical venue to study ideology, both in its symbolic and material dimension and this volume represents an effort to refocus and revitalize these issues. The ten chapters of this volume engage directly and critical with several North American and European institutional traditions. Apart from organizational institutionalism's own classic and current research, they draw on a wide variety of theoretical legacies to make sense of the relationship between institutions and ideology: Weber, Foucault, Heidegger, Bourdieu, Archer, Wuthnow, critical discourse analysis, or Kuhn's discussion of paradigm shifts as ideological changes. Empirical areas covered range from technology and software development, the brewing industry, custodial facilities to the organization of birthing.
Ideology and institutions: Introduction. Global organization: Rationalization and actorhood as dominant scripts. Institution, practice, and ontology: Toward a religious sociology. Paradigm shifts as ideological changes: A Kuhnian view of endogenous institutional disruption. Institutional streams, logics, and fields. Dominant logic, culture and ideology. “Birthing” versus “being delivered”: Of bodies, ideologies, and institutions. Modeling Foucault: Dualities of power in institutional fields. Work, control and computation: Rethinking the legacy of neo-institutionalism. Institutional entrepreneurs performing in meaning arenas: Transgressing institutional logics in two organizational fields. List of Contributors. Research in the sociology of organizations. Institutions and ideology. Copyright page.

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