Insights on Financial Services Regulation

John A. Consiglio
University of Malta, Malta

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10 Jun 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
120 pages - 152 x 229mm
The debates around financial services regulation are fierce and unending, and with every new development or law, rigid positions seem to grow. In this insightful new book, expert author John A. Consiglio discusses developments in this vital part of the wide world of finance. 

Including discussions on the public interest elements of regulation, on informational asymmetry, and on the economist/regulator duopoly, Consiglio analyses various key contentious element of regulatory practices from both the regulators' and regulatees' perspectives. Focusing on the chasm between the perceived hierarchical aloofness of regulators, and the real needs of individual users of financial services, Consiglio explores the complicated and often worrying landscape of financial services regulation. Looking across historical detail to the present, and future, of regulation, the chapters also include a keen discussion of economics and regulatory pedagogy in the modern age. 

For researchers and students of finance, and for all professionals involved in the financial services sector, this is an unmissable book that interrogates the current landscape defining our global economy.
Chapter 1. Introduction 
Chapter 2. Public Interest 
Chapter 3. Risks and Asymmetry 
Chapter 4. Regulatory Expertise: A Discussion 
Chapter 5. Does Economics Matter? 
Chapter 6. How Should it be Taught? 
Chapter 7. The Regulatory Environment 
Chapter 8. Concluding Insights 
Appendix: Regulatory Bodies in Main Jurisdictions
John A. Consiglio is the author of various books and articles, including A Law Based Financial Services Architecture (2011) and Finance Readings for Diplomats (2018). Along with studying at the Universities of Wales, Manchester, Rome, Malta and New York, he has had a 42-year career in banking, including working for Barclays, Mid-Med, and HSBC. Currently a Governor on the Board of the Malta Financial Services Authority, and Chairman of the national Revenue Remissions Supervisory Board in Malta’s Income Tax Department, his research focuses on engaging all users of financial services.

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