Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A New Mindset for Emerging Markets

Martha Corrales-Estrada
Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education, Mexico

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27 Sep 2019
Emerald Publishing Limited
288 pages - 152 x 229mm
In the 21st Century, innovation is the key to entrepreneurial success. And in the fast-paced economy of Latin America, you have to innovate to compete. 
Innovation and Entrepreneurship: A New Mindset for Emerging Markets presents a combination of conceptual foundations, methodologies and tools to be applied in mini-cases and business challenges. Along with a cast of expert contributors including academics, global consultants and senior executives, editor Martha Corrales-Estrada explores how to transform the mindset of potential entrepreneurs and innovators in emerging markets. Looking across social and technological megatrends, Innovation and Entrepreneurship explores how to fill the unmet needs of new business opportunities with innovative and sustainable business models, including feasibility, desirability and viability perspectives and from personal, economic, pragmatic and social value creation domains. 
Including mini-cases and business challenges with actual examples of companies in emerging markets, this is an unmissable text for any business student, and particularly those in Latin America looking to analyse and deliver innovative solutions.
Foreword; Ignacio de la Vega 
1. Lean Foresight; Mario Felix Saldaña-Lugo 
2. New Approaches and Theories of Entrepreneurship; José Manuel Saiz-Álvarez 
3. Startup PATH: The Development of the Entrepreneur and his/her Journey in Creating a Startup; Edgar Muñiz Ávila, Geraldina Silveyra León, and Laura Alhelí Segarra Pérez 
4. The Entrepreneur and the Types of Entrepreneurship; Maricio Ballesteros-Ruiz, Felic Florencio Cardenas-del Castillo, and Martha Corrales-Estrada 
5. Social Entrepreneurship: A Quick View of the Basics; Francisco Alberto Layrisse-Villamizar; Dariela Marina Parra-Elizondo, and Gerardo Lozano- Fernández 
6. Types of Innovation; Martha Corrales-Estrada 
7. Sustainable Business Models and Value Creation; Martha Corrales-Estrada 
8. Leadership and Culture of Innovation; Claudia-Ramos-Garza and Leticia Ramos-Garza 
9. Legal Aspects of a Venture Capital Financing; Zita Horváth 
10. Startup Capital; Mauricio Ballesteros-Ruiz and Felix Florencio Cardenas-del Castillo 
11. Techno Parks, Innovation & Entrepreneurial Ecosystems; Antonio Rios-Ramirez 
12. The Digital Wall and Digital Transformation; Luiz Ferezin
Dr. Martha Corrales-Estrada is a Full Professor in Business Innovation at EGADE Business School, Tecnologico de Monterrey, Mexico. Her research looks at the areas of business innovation based on information technology; sustainable business models; design thinking; digital transformation; sharing economy; co-working spaces; enterprise social networks, collaboration and virtual work models.

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