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Innovation And Diffusion Of Software Technology: Mapping Strategies

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01 Jun 2007
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
488 pages - 165 x 240 x 41mm


This book examines B2B decision making processes for software application development. To learn what really happens and why it happens, this study provides a multi-level hermeneutic system starting with written accounts of decision-making associated with development and delivery of new software applications these accounts are then revisited through multiple rounds of researcher and informant interpretations. The framework and supporting analysis is applied to six application software case studies that created new Internet-based software applications which were either disruptive or supporting disruptive innovations. The findings from six case studies suggest that the hermeneutic research framework proposals provide a strong systematic platform to analyse and interpret decision-making with deep prospective, introspective, retrospective, and with imaginatively unbounded current and future perspectives.The author, Arch Woodside received the 1998 Living Legend in Marketing Award. This book is International in scope. It provides DSA Models, event chronology maps, and cognitive maps for more comprehensive analysis. It includes individual case study and cross-case findings for new theory development.

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