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Innovating Women: Contributions to Technological Advancement Vol: 1

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25 Oct 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229 x 25mm
Contemporary Issues in Entrepreneurship Research


This book focuses on the challenges facing women who seek to create innovative entrepreneurial ventures, whilst also celebrating their scientific activities and contribution to technological advancement, society and economic development as a whole. It investigates and demonstrates the innovative and inventive achievements of women in the knowledge based society. It is almost universally accepted that scientific activities and discoveries are the most important sources of productivity growth and increased material welfare. Throughout history, women have been making significant contributions to scientific discoveries, innovation and inventions. However, they do not feature prominently in the inventive and innovative literatures except as exceptional examples. Current literature on scientific activities and discoveries, various facets of R&D or the management of technological change and scientific activities tends to ignore the gender dimension. This book seeks to redress this balance and contribute to current research and debate.
List of Contributors. Biography. Preface. Acknowledgment. Chapter 1 Setting the scene: A perspective on the contribution of women to scientific and technological advancement. Chapter 2 Encouraging women's entrepreneurship in the sciences: Women in veterinary medicine. Chapter 3 A skilling framework for women entrepreneurs in the knowledge economy. Chapter 4 Female entrepreneurship in the context of high technology business incubation: Strategic approaches to managing challenges and celebrating success. Chapter 5 Analysing routes to starting and growing science, engineering and technology ventures: Perceptions of female entrepreneurs. Chapter 6 An empirical investigation into the participation of women in industrial research and development (R&D). Chapter 7 Analysis of women's participation in high-technology patenting. Chapter 8 Ingenious women. Chapter 9 Celebrating achievement and innovation: Case studies of successful women scientists. References. Contemporary issues in entrepreneurship research. Contemporary issues in entrepreneurship research. Copyright page.

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