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Information Technology in Organisations and Societies: Multidisciplinary Perspectives from AI to Technostress

Zach W. Y. Lee
Durham University, UK

Tommy K. H. Chan
Northumbria University, UK

Christy M. K. Cheung
Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong

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11 Jun 2021
Emerald Publishing Limited
328 pages - 152 x 229mm
Information technology (IT) use has generally been regarded as a positive phenomenon which always generates desirable outcomes. Recent years, however, have witnessed increasing negative consequences resulted from IT use. Emerging issues include individual users have experienced technostress from personal social media usage as well as IT use in the workplace; and organisations have experienced a loss in productivity and assets due to employees’ non-compliance with information security policies.

Themes explored throughout the book include:

  • AI and its Implications for Organisations
  • Augmented Reality
  • Social Media Stress
  • Cognitive Absorption of Technology

Information Technology in Organisations and Societies: Multidisciplinary Perspectives from AI to Technostress represents a collective effort that not only consolidates studies on key issues and phenomena concerning the positive and negative aspects of IT use but also prescribes future research avenues in related research domains. It is particularly relevant to academics and researchers working on IT use research and can be used as a handy reference guide by those working in the field.
Chapter 1. AI and its Implications for Organisations; Madhav Sharma and David Biros 
Chapter 2. Collaboration of Human and Machine for Knowledge Work: An Organisational Transformation Framework for Data-driven Decision-making; Hanlie Smuts and Alet Smith 
Chapter 3. Does Technostress Trigger Insider Threat? A Conceptual Model and Mitigation Solutions; Forough Nasirpouri Shadbad and David Biros 
Chapter 4. Sociological Mechanisms behind ICT-Related Technostress in the Workplace; Raluca Stana and Hanne Westh Nicolajsen 
Chapter 5. An Integrative Framework of Cognitive Absorption for Technology Use; Christy M. K. Cheung, Dimple R. Thadani, and Zach W. Y. Lee 
Chapter 6. Augmented Reality in Experiential Marketing: The Effects on Consumer Utilitarian and Hedonic Perceptions and Behavioural Responses; Xuewei Yang 
Chapter 7. Does Self-Disclosure on Social Networking Sites Enhance Well-Being? The Role of Social Anxiety, Online Disinhibition, and Psychological Stress; Tommy K. H. Chan 
Chapter 8. Social Media Stress: A Literature Review and Future Research Directions; Sven Laumer and Christian Maier
Zach W. Y. Lee is an Associate Professor at Durham University Business School and a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. His research interests include organisational and societal implications of IT use, social media, e-commerce, and online consumer behaviours.

Tommy K. H. Chan is a Senior Lecturer at Northumbria University. Tommy’s research interests include societal implications of information technology uses and online consumer behaviours. He serves as an associate editor at Internet Research and is on the editorial board at Industrial Management & Data Systems.

Christy M. K. Cheung is a Professor and the Director of Research Postgraduate Programme of School of Business at Hong Kong Baptist University. She is the awardee of RGC Senior Research Fellow. Her research interests include technology use and well-being, IT adoption, and social media.

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