Information Experience in Theory and Design Vol: 14

Tim Gorichanaz
Drexel University, USA

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01 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
216 pages - 152 x 229mm
Studies in Information
In this volume, author Tim Gorichanaz seeks to re-frame the discussion of information engagement through the lens of information experience, an exciting emerging area within information science.

Unlike traditional information behavior research, which is limited to how people need, seek, and search for information, information experience looks at how people understand, use, and are shaped by information. In this way, information experience connects with other human-centered areas of information research and design, including information literacy and human–computer interaction. 

Split into three parts, Information Experience in Theory and Design presents a multifaceted investigation of information experience, centered around the themes of understanding, self, and meaning. Part One (Understanding) explores the link between information, understanding and questioning; how moral change arises from information; and how to design for understanding. Part Two (Self) explores the concept of the human self as information; the links between information, identity and society; and how to design for self-care. Finally, Part Three (Meaning) explores the connection between information and meaning; how meaning and craft contribute to the good life; and how to design for meaning. 

Offering a rigorous theoretical foundation for information experience and insights for design, Gorichanaz brings together research from across the information field as well as philosophy. For researchers or students in any area of the information field, from librarianship to human–computer interaction, this is an exciting new text investigating a fascinating new field of study.
Chapter 1. Information and Understanding
Chapter 2. Questioning
Chapter 3. Moral Change
Chapter 4. Designing for Understanding
Chapter 5. Information and the Self
Chapter 6. Identity 
Chapter 7. The Ontic Trust
Chapter 8. Designing for the Self 
Chapter 9. Information and Meaning
Chapter 10. The Good Life 
Chapter 11. Craft 
Chapter 12. Designing for Meaning

Tim Gorichanaz, PhD, is an Assistant Teaching Professor in the Drexel University College of Computing & Informatics. His research examines information experience and document theory, bringing together information behavior, human-centered design, and philosophy of information.

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