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Including Learners with Low-Incidence Disabilities Vol: 5

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13 Feb 2015
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
376 pages - 152 x 229 x 33mm
International Perspectives on Inclusive Education


This Volume focuses on inclusive education for the less than 1 % of school-age population who have been diagnosed with Low-Incidence Disabilities and continue to be marginalized in many ways. This unique contribution provides a wide-range of perspectives on what works to facilitate inclusion in a variety of contexts. In many countries teachers are being asked to ensure that all of their students achieve, regardless of background or disability leaving many grappling with how to facilitate inclusion for learners with low-incidence disabilities. The first section of this text presents strategies and supports for inclusion. It offers the reader examples of good practices that practitioners can employ to improve teaching and learning in their school or classroom for these students and their families. The second section offers a range of international perspectives that illuminate the work being done related to inclusion for learners with low-incidence disabilities within those contexts. This important book highlights the need to include learners with low-incidence disabilities and provides information related to supports and services to achieve that goal across a variety of contexts.
Moving Toward Inclusion. Best Practices in Teacher Training and Professional Development for Including Learners with Low-Incidence Disabilities. Including Learners with Severe Intellectual Disabilities: System Planning and Support for Greater Inclusive Practices. Facilitating Systems of Support. Facilitating Supports and Services for Learners with Low-Incidence Disabilities. Beyond Access: Moving toward Increased Participation, Membership, and Skills in the Inclusive Classroom. Providing Appropriate Individualized Instruction and Access to the General Education Curriculum for Learners with Low-Incidence Disabilities. Socio-Emotional Support Needs for Re-Entry to School after Traumatic Brain Injury. This is What Works for Me: Students Reflect on their Experiences of Special Needs Provision in Irish Mainstream Schools. Inclusive Education for Students with Low-Incidence Disabilities in Taiwan – Where We are, What We have Learned. Low-Incidence Learners in Sweden – Supporting Systems and Social Interactions in Education. Inclusive Education for Learners with Severe, Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulties in England. 21st Century Inclusive Practices and Policies in Russia. Including Learners with Extensive Support Needs in South Korea. Inclusive Education in Poland: Policies, Practices, and Perspectives. Including Learners with Low-Incidence Disabilities. Including Learners with Low-Incidence Disabilities. Copyright page. Index. List of Contributors. Introduction. About the Authors. International Perspectives on Inclusive Education.

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