Improving Classroom Engagement and International Development Programs: International Perspectives on Humanizing Higher Education Vol: 27

Patrick Blessinger
Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA

Enakshi Sengupta
International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association,USA

Mandla Makhanya
University of South Africa, South Africa

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28 Aug 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
256 pages - 152 x 229mm
Innovations in Higher Education Teaching and Learning
Educational pedagogy refers to student-centered learning that provides meaningful engagement to directly enhance critical thinking and creativity. This edited collection equips readers to understand and implement impactful creative teaching and learning methods designed to act as a catalyst to improve the learning experiences of students. Diving into various case studies and interventions that have put innovative techniques into action, this book analyses how teaching-learning methods and student engagement can be significantly improved. The authors demonstrate that education does not only mean teaching, learning and research, but should also consider the emotional connection, commitment, and dialogical process between the faculty and students. Ultimately, the volume concludes that it is the responsibility of faculty members to create an environment that provides students with tools that are socially engaging, interactive and meaningful. Readers will come away from this book with the critical knowledge and pathway to action required to make this happen.
Chapter 1. Reflecting on Student’s Emotions in Undergraduate Research: Humanizing Higher Education Experiences; Dr. Ana Baptista 
Chapter 2. Adapting Paulo Freire in an Institutional Context: Developing Positive Relationships; Carol Thompson and Michael Kleine
Chapter 3. Enlightened in Loco Parentis: a Model for Addressing the College Student Mental Health Crisis; Laura M. Harrison and Peter C. Mather 
Chapter 4. Investigating Authentic University Academic Care at a US Non-mainland HBCU; Kenny A. Hendrickson and Kula A. Francis 
Chapter 5. Global University, Local Issues: Taking a Creative and Humane Approach to Learning and Teaching; Sandra Abegglen, Tom Burns, Simone Maier and Sandra Sinfield 
Chapter 6. The Chemistry of Critical Thinking: The Pursuit to do Both Better; Kolajo Y.A and Conner L. N 
Chapter 7. Empowering Faculty to use Practices of Hospitality and Vulnerability to Encourage Risk Taking in the Higher Education Classroom; Jennifer W. Shewmaker and Amy Boone 
Chapter 8. The Deep Field School: A Model to Support Sustained International Service Learning and Scholarship; Joe Pavelka 
Chapter 9. Learn First, Then Serve: Re-focusing The International Service-learning Model to Develop Cultural humility; Jennifer Elfenbein 
Chapter 10. Re-envisioning Virtual Spaces for Teaching and Learning: Strategies for Fostering online learner engagement; Polina Chemishanova and Charles Tita 
Chapter 11. Engaging students through collaborative projects and international higher education partnerships; Dr. Sharon Harris-Byrne and Marina Wikman  
Chapter 12. Futuristic Learning: Improving Classroom Engagement and Learning in a Distance Higher Education Institution; Sharon Thabo Mampane 
Chapter 13. The PBL approach in an EFL Setting: Maximizing Students’Engagement and Humanizing Their Experiences; Ahmad Samarji
Patrick Blessinger is Chief Research Scientist of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA. 

Enakshi Sengupta serves as Associate Director of the International Higher Education Teaching and Learning Association, USA.  

Mandla Makhanya is the Principal and Vice Chancellor of the University of South Africa, South Africa.
'For educators and student-facing staff who believe the purpose of higher education goes far beyond a degree, this collection represents a turning point. Through diverse perspectives and evidence-based research, this collection equips our community with new ways of reaching students not merely as learners but as humans, citizens, and change-makers.' - Caroline Savage, Ph.D., LEED AP-ND. Program Director, Pace Center for Civic Engagement, Princeton University, USA

'This book delves into ways to attain humanhood through reclaiming emotions, care, and trust. It calls for hearing all voices and empowering all involved to imbue international development and higher education with humanness. It is a timely call for shifting our purpose to healthfully create a sustainable future for all.' - Abeer Salem, PhD, MSA, University, Cairo, Egypt

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