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Impact of Demographics on Health and Healthcare: Race, Ethnicity and Other Social Factors Vol: 28

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30 Sep 2010
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
312 pages - 156 x 234 x 28mm
Research in the Sociology of Health Care


This volume focuses on differences in health and health care as linked to important social factors. The first section reviews basic material on the topic. The second section on racial and ethnic factors in differences in health and health care is the largest section of the book, and includes six articles looking at racial disparities on a variety of topics such as: knowledge of hepatitis C Virus; health services received and patients' experiences in seeking health care; use of CAM (complementary and alternative medicine) services; and, the role of social capital in class and race health disparities in health information seeking behaviour. Further sections include articles focused on geographic and community factors, gender and age, gender and language, and lifecourse issues such as maternal depression and hospice care. "Research in the Sociology of Health Care, Volume 28" is essential reading for medical sociologists and people working in other social science disciplines studying health-related issues. It provides vital information for health services researchers, policy analysts and public health researchers.
List of Contributors. Social factors leading to differences in health and health care: The influence of factors such as race/ethnicity, geography, and gender. Racial disparities in knowledge of hepatitis C virus (HCV). Medicare and racial disparities in health: Fee-for-service versus managed care. How much time do Americans spend seeking health care? Racial and ethnic differences in patient experiences. Can the behavioral model explain immigrant status and ethnic differences in U.S. adults’ COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE (CAM) use?. Class and race health disparities and health information seeking behaviors: The role of social capital. Racial disparities in stillbirths. Habilitative therapy among preschool children: Regional disparities in the early intervention population. Consumer-directed health insurance vs. managed care: analysis of healthcare utilization and expenditures incurred by employees in a rural area. Some considerations regarding gender when a healthcare interpreter is helping providers and their limited English proficient patients. Hidden gender inequalities in old age: Equal treatment does not mean equal results. Mothers’ perspectives on enhancing consumer engagement in behavioral health treatment for maternal depression. Mediating hospice care: mapping relations of ruling in the interdisciplinary group meeting. Research in the sociology of health care. Research in the sociology of health care. Copyright page.

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