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Identity Issues in Groups Vol: 5

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21 Mar 2003
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
316 pages - 156 x 234 x 19mm
Research on Managing Groups and Teams
This fifth volume of "Research on Managing Groups and Teams" focuses on the relationship between identity issues and individual and group functioning. Identity issues encompass a wide range of phenomena involving the individual identities people bring to the groups they join, individuals' level of identification with particular groups they join, and the collective identities of specific groups or organizations. The authors in this volume take full advantage of the broad scope of identity-related phenomena, pushing our thinking about the interplay between identity and groups in new and exciting directions. In doing so, they make inroads into seemingly intractable practical problems with groups by understanding how these difficulties are rooted in the identities people strivve to create and maintian. This book should be of interest to social scientists from all domains who are interested in how identity issues influence the performance of individuals, groups and organizations.
When differences do (and do not) make a difference - how individual identities influence reactions to diversity, S.E. Spataro; splintered identity and organizational change - the predicament of boundary-spanning managers, B.M. Wiesenfeld, P.F. Hewlin; subjective identities and identity communication processes in information technology teams, S.M.B. Thatcher, et al; the benefits of verifying diverse identities for group performance, J.T. Polzer et al; the social structure of diverse groups - integrating social categorizations and nerwork perspecives, P. Pradhan Shah, K.T. Dirks; "What's the norm here?" social categorizations as a basis for group norm development, F.J. Flynn, J.A. Chatman; disentangling collective identities, M.G. Pratt; the dark side of identification - overcoming identification-induced performance impediments, A.A. Michel, K.E. Jehn; the reappropriation of stigmatizing labels - implication for social identity, A.D. Galinsky, et al; intergenerational identification and co-operation in organizations and society, K.A. Wade-Benzoni; social identity and self-categorization theories' contribution to understanding identification, salience and diversity in teams and organizations, K.J. Reynolds, et al.

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