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How Institutions Matter! Vol: 48, Part B

Joel Gehman
University of Alberta, Canada

Michael Lounsbury
University of Alberta, Canada

Royston Greenwood
University of Alberta, Canada

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22 Dec 2016
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
344 pages - 152 x 229 x 20mm
Research in the Sociology of Organizations
This double volume presents a collection of 23 papers on how institutions matter to socio-economic life. The effort was seeded by the 2015 Alberta Institutions Conference, which brought together 108 participants from 14 countries and 51 different institutions. The resulting papers delve deeply into the practical impact an institutional approach enables, as well as how such research has the potential to influence policies relevant to critical institutional changes unfolding in the world today. In Volume 48A, the focus is on the micro foundations of institutional impacts. In Volume 48B, the focus is on the macro consequences of institutional arrangements. Looking across the two volumes, there are multiple theoretical, conceptual, methodological and practical points of convergence and divergence. Overall, the volumes highlight the many ways in which institutional processes and institutional researchers can contribute to our understanding of the micro foundations and macro consequences of institutions and their impacts on a wide variety of globally pressing issues, while also identifying a variety of fruitful directions for knowledge accumulation and development.
Preserving a Settlement Despite Ongoing Challenges: the Case of Native Indian Gaming - Chang Lu and Trish Reay Understanding “Failed” Markets: Conflicting Logics and Dissonance In Attempts to Price the Priceless Child - Patrick Vermeulen, Shaz Ansari and Michael Lounsbury Institutional Hybridity In Public Sector Reform: Replacement, Blending, or Layering of Administrative Paradigms - Tobias Polzer, Renate E. Meyer, Markus A. Höllerer and Johann Seiwald Institutional Maintenance Through Business Collective Action: the Alcohol Industry’S Engagement with the Issue of Alcohol-Related Harm - Lærke Højgaard Christiansen and Jochem J. Kroezen Achieving Minimal Consensus for New Industries: Bringing Isomorphism Back In - Stephen J. Mezias and Florian Schloderer State Mediation In Market Emergence: Socially Responsible Investing In China - Shipeng Yan and Fabrizio Ferraro Intra-Professional Status, Maintenance Failure, and the Reformation of the Scottish Civil Justice System - Ilay H. Ozturk, John M. Amis and Royston Greenwood The Performative Puzzle: How Institutions Matter In Marginalizing and Reconstituting Identities - Raghu Garud and Thinley Tharchen Institutional Constraints on the Pursuit of Racial Justice - Melissa E. Wooten “Walk the Line”: How Institutional Influences Constrain Elites - Christof Brandtner, Patricia Bromley and Megan Tompkins-Stange Organization Theory and the Dilemmas of a Post-Corporate Economy - Gerald F. Davis
Joel Gehman, University of Alberta, Canada Michael Lounsbury, University of Alberta, Canada Royston Greenwood, University of Alberta, Canada

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