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History and Strategy Vol: 29

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03 Sep 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
350 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Strategic Management


Business historians and economic historians frequently contribute to our understanding of strategic management, and strategy scholars often rely on a deep understanding of historical context to make sense of classic strategy issues. Historically, the two sets of scholars have not always communicated with each other as effectively as one might hope. They also have different approaches to methodology and assessment of validity of results, which adds to this 'two solitudes'. In this volume, strategy scholars, business historians, and economic historians are brought together to develop a volume that explores the complementarities of approaches.
Introduction: The Integration of History and Strategy Research Steven J. Kahl, Brian S. Silverman and Michael A. Cusumano Part I: History, Strategy, and Innovation Economic Experiments and the Development of Wi-Fi Shane Greenstein Platforms versus Products: Observations from the Literature and History Michael A. Cusumano Patent Pools: Licensing Strategies in the Absence of Regulation Ryan Lampe & Petra Moser Part II: History and Industry Evolution: Convergence, Divergence, and Institutional Background Marrying History and Social Science in Strategy Research Johann Peter Murmann The evolution of alternative business models and the Legitimization of Universal Credit Card Industry: Exploring the contested terrain where history and strategy meet Huseyin Leblebici Strategy Followed Structure: Management Consulting and the Creation of a Market for 'Strategy,' 1950-2000 Christopher McKenna Strategy, Ideology and Structure: The political processes of introducing the M-form in two Dutch banks Matthias Kipping & Gerarda Westerhuis Part III: Analytic Narratives: Historical Narrative meets Economic and Sociological Theory History in Strategy Research: What, Why, and How? Paul Ingram, Hayagreeva Rao & Brian S. Silverman Audience Structure and the Failure of Institutional Entrepreneurship Steven J. Kahl, JoAnne Yates & Greg Liegel Orphaned Jazz: Short-Lived Startups and the Long-Run Success of Depression-Era Cultural Products Damon J. Phillips

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