Historical Development of Teacher Education in Chile: Facts, Policies and Issues

Beatrice Ávalos
University of Chile, Chile

Leonora Reyes
University of Chile, Chile

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23 Oct 2020
Emerald Publishing Limited
136 pages - 152 x 229mm
Emerald Studies in Teacher Preparation in National and Global Contexts
Teacher education history in Chile can be traced back to its first institutions in the nineteenth century. From secondary-level origins, to its current university-based status, this book highlights the intermingling of policy with structural and process definitions of teacher education throughout Chilean history, up until recent market policies, to offer a comprehensive account of educational development in Chile. 

The authors investigate the complex role played by governments in supporting teacher education, strengthening programme quality, in constructing policies around institutional development and accountability, and in controlling educational development through standards and external evaluations. Beyond these broad themes, the book focuses on interesting periods and issues surrounding teacher education development throughout Chilean history. It recalls the early twentieth century emergence of a strong professional teacher movement, and dedicates a specific chapter to the role of women in teacher education. The authors also offer insight into the role of inclusive preparation, and the limited options for indigenous people in this respect. This book will be valuable to researchers and professionals interested in comparative teacher education issues and policy developments.
Chapter 1. The beginnings: Teacher education in the nineteenth century
Chapter 2. Teachers in the new twentieth century: Institutional broadening of teacher education (1900-1965)
Chapter 3. Progress and setbacks in teacher Education (1965-1989)
Chapter 4. Teacher education in democracy. Improvement, markets and quality control policies (1990-2020)
Chapter 5. Gender relations and the role of women in teaching and teacher education
Chapter 6. Teacher education for indigenous populations
Beatrice Ávalos is Professor at the University of Chile’s Institute of Advanced Studies in Education. She has published studies on the teaching profession, teacher education and education policies from Papua New Guinea to Latin America and Chile. 

Leonora Reyes is Associate Professor in the Faculty of Philosophy and Humanities at the University of Chile. She is a specialist researcher in the history of education, educational policy and pedagogical movements.

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