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Health and Inequality Vol: 21

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12 Dec 2013
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
536 pages - 152 x 229 x 32mm
Research on Economic Inequality


Economists are increasingly turning their attention to the measurement and causes of health inequality. This is in response to widespread concern that health disparities reflect social injustices but is also part of the trend away from the narrow focus on inequality in income to the more encompassing analysis of inequality in wellbeing. Researchers interested in the extent and causes of variation in wellbeing cannot but turn their analytical gaze on health inequalities. This volume contains methodological and empirical contributions from leading experts in health economics and economic inequality that add further momentum to a thriving field of research. The focus is on methods for the measurement of health inequalities (income related, multidimensional and inequalities of opportunity) as well as the analysis of their causes. The collection is essential reading for researchers already working on health inequality and provides an immediate reconnaissance of the frontiers for those entering this exciting field.
Introduction. Lost in Translation: Rethinking the Inequality Equivalence Criteria for Bounded Health Variables. Measuring the Inequality of Bounded Distributions: A Joint Analysis of Attainments and Shortfalls. Measuring Health Inequality with Categorical Data: Some Regional Patterns. Inequality and Bi-Polarization in Socioeconomic Status and Health: Ordinal Approaches. On the Measurement of the (Multidimensional) Inequality of Health Distributions. Equity in Health and Equivalent Incomes. Reference Value Sensitivity of Measures of Unfair Health Inequality. Accounting for Population Change in the Longitudinal Analysis of Income-Related Health Inequalities. Regression-Based Decompositions of Rank-Dependent Indicators of Socioeconomic Inequality of Health. Health Inequalities through the Lens of Health-Capital Theory: Issues, Solutions, and Future Directions. The Contribution of Occupation to Health Inequality. Inequality of Opportunities in Health and the Principle of Natural Reward: Evidence from European Countries. Ex-ante and Ex-post Measurement of Inequality of Opportunity in Health: Evidence from Israel. Early Life Conditions and Later Life Inequality in Health. Wealth, Health, and the Measurement of Multidimensional Inequality: Evidence from the Middle East and North Africa. Income Inequality, Health and Development – in Search of a Pattern. Equity in Health Care Delivery: Some thoughts and an Example. Measuring Health Inequality in the Context of Cost-Effectiveness Analysis. The Developmental Origins of Health Inequality. List of Contributors. Health and Inequality. Research on Economic Inequality. Health and Inequality. Copyright page.

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