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Health Literacy and School-Based Health Education

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02 Nov 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
200 pages - 156 x 234 x 18mm


This volume examines the relationship between health literacy and health outcomes, and the role of schools in promoting health literacy through the curriculum. The volume utilizes research, literature reviews and case studies that examine how education can support health literacy development as a vital 21st century citizenship competency. The volume specifically describes the concept of health literacy, and its crucial importance to individuals and society worldwide. It examines the role of the school in fostering health literate youth and what schools can do to provide youth with the tools to become health literate citizens. Including comments from leaders in the field as well as relevant research, and directives for practice, this volume will be of value to those interested in maximising the opportunities of youth and for conceptualising how small changes implemented in the school and across curricula over the course of the formative education period are strongly recommended. The volume aims to stress the importance of the relationship between literacy and health, health literacy and academic achievement, and health literacy and overall individual and societal well-being and citizenship. How health literacy impacts us all, as well as how the school as an educational venue can help to produce health literate citizens is specifically discussed.

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