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Health Information Technology in the International Context Vol: 12

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06 Jun 2012
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
224 pages - 156 x 234 x 23mm
Advances in Health Care Management


This volume focuses on management issues in the international context of health information technology (HIT). Nations around the globe have established policies designed to improve the computerization of their health care systems. It is believed that the adoption of HIT including clinical information systems, decision support systems, and networks or systems that facilitate the exchange of clinical and other health data will yield various desirable outcomes. These outcomes may include improvements in the quality of care, a reduction in medical errors, boosts in efficiencies, and improved provider and patient satisfaction. The purpose of this volume on HIT in the international context is to facilitate the exchange of management theory, best practice, implementation challenges, and the impact of adoption as it pertains to HIT adoption in one or more international settings. It offers a holistic viewpoint on health information technology use in health care organizations and systems, providing a managerial perspective from authors around the world that will prove useful for health care practitioners across a variety of settings.
List of Contributors. List of Reviewers. Preface. Health Information Exchange: National and International Approaches. How Can Routine Health Information Systems Improve Health Systems Functioning in Low- and Middle-Income Countries? Assessing the Evidence Base. A Dutch and American Commentary on IT in Health Care: Roundtable Discussions on IT and Innovations in Health Care. Assessing Health Information Technology in a National Health Care System – An Example from Taiwan. Reflections on US Health Care Information Technology Policy from a Global Perspective. International Medical Graduates and Health Information Technology Use in the United States. Telemedicine in an International Context: Definition, Use, and Future. Mobile IT Solutions for Home Health Care. The Importance of Using Open Source Technologies and Common Standards for Interoperability within eHealth: Perspectives from the Millennium Villages Project. Health Information Technology in the International Context. Advances in health care management. Advances in health care management. Copyright page.

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