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Handbook of Transport Strategy, Policy and Institutions Vol: 6

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21 Jun 2005
Emerald Group Publishing Limited
860 pages - 165 x 240 x 40mm
Handbooks in Transport


Privatisation, regulation, deregulation, competition, funding, evaluation: these are all transport policy issues of great current interest worldwide, in the public arena as well as among researchers. In 46 chapters by acknowledged experts on their topics, these and other aspects of transport policy and planning are addressed in this, the sixth "Handbook in Transport". The work is organised into sections covering: Institutional Settings and Markets; Planning Perspectives; Asset Management and Funding; Regulatory Issues; Evaluation Frameworks; and National Studies.Within this section structure this wide-ranging volume embraces: the collection of data (and its transformation into information); the formation of policy objectives by government (at all its different levels); the establishment of institutional structures to attain these goals; the resourcing of these institutions; the implementation of actions; and the policing and monitoring of outcomes. It employs a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including economics, politics, law, physical planning, psychology and engineering. It will be of value to students, researchers, and practitioners approaching transport from any of these perspectives. "Edited by two of the leading figures in transportation research and dissemination, these handbooks are likely to become the essential reference work in the field." - DR John Preston, Diresctor, Transport Studies Unit, University Of Oxford.
Institutional Settings and Markets
Planning Perspectives
Asset Management and Funding
Regulatory Issues: Evaluation Frameworks
Policy Issues

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